Learn to Play ICE HOCKEY

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by graemeh13, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. Take part in one of the fastest games in the Army (RAF or Navy)

    Here is your started for 10.......Sponsored training is as follows:

    REME...every tuesday evening in Guildford at 2230

    RLC/Army...Every second Sunday at Bracknell

    Air Corps...Every Thursday in Basingstoke at 2300

    These sessions are open to all serving and reserve members of the british forces no mater what colour of uniform or cap badge....

    Each session is open to players who have never stood on skates before all the way up to seasoned professionals............you never know what you are missing if you dont give it a go.............

    www.armyblades.co.uk for more information
  2. Next chance to get started is in Billingham on 27/28 Oct 06. This is a 1 day training camp (6 hours on the ice) followed by a game on the Saturday.

    More details on www.remestallions.co.uk over the next week or so.
  3. Any Hockey for us Germany based chaps?
  4. Or in the north of England?
  5. Check the Stallions website under contacts for chaps based in Germany and elsewhere.