Leap 300ft in the air and spread yourself over a large area

Either he trod on the world's biggest landmine, or upset somebody badly.


A man's torso found in a ditch in Hertfordshire is from the same victim as other body parts found across the country, police have confirmed.

The latest find was made in Gore Lane in Ware, Hertfordshire, on Saturday.

A police spokeswoman said these finds have been linked, while a right leg found last Tuesday is also "highly likely" to be from the same body.

The right leg was found near a lay-by, also on the A10 Puckeridge bypass, last Tuesday.

The man's head was earlier found in a Leicestershire field and a forearm and left leg from the same body were found in Hertfordshire.

The left leg was found in a field near the A507 at Cottered on 22 March and the forearm was discovered in nearby Wheathampstead a week later.

The head was found on 31 March near a cemetery in Hoby Road Asfordby.

all I will say is... his family must be in bits :twisted:


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"You put your right leg in
You put your right leg out
Do the Hokey Cokey
And you shake it all about"
Police have identified the departed.

They will not release his name until next of kin have been informed. However, a source close to the investigations has said the victim was last seen at the G20 riots. He was standing in front of a Met TSG officer and was heard to say:

"No, I fcuking won't get of the way. What are you going to do about it?" 8O :twisted:
I did think of starting a "Spot the Body Part" competition based on a map of the UK, in the NAAFI but couldn't manage the technical aspects.

I gather there are still bits missing, so could we run a sweepstake on where the next bit will be found?


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