Leanne abroad

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Baddass, Aug 24, 2003.

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  1. I think I've found out where our resident foul mouthed single mum may have been recently. Try Page 20 of the Sunday Telegraph under the heading ' I've served in Bosnia, Kosovo and Northern Ireland, but my mum only became worried when I told her I was going to Faliraki' . The quote in the far right column of the report ends 'said Leanne'.

    If this is our Leanne, then I'm not surprised that her mum was worried.......she'd been dumped with the 'grand kid' to look after for a fortnight, whilst his mum was slagging it up in Greece.

    What is this country coming too?
  2. Ma, what are you doing reading the Telegraph?

    No tits, or Richard Littlejohn :D
  3. Found it next to 'Razzle' :wink:
  4. See your interesting post got you no-where! Ha......

    Seems your humour does'nt mount up in everyone's opinion, keep practicing bumboy cause your slang's starting to bore me! :roll:
  5. Aaahh the trout returns

    You gonna pay up at long last and give me nosh you've been promising for twelve months
  6. I heard that she was in Holloway Prison for hooking outside Kings Cross station, gave her name as Mrs Leeanne Donut. Dont know what that means though!

    Said sommat about a 'marmite finger and a bj for 25 squid'. Dont understand that either!
  7. Where have you been Leeeeeanne?
  8. Slagging it big in the Med apparently. Where's the kid then? Still with Granny?

    Is he smoking yet?
  9. Fuck me old boots, it's the Doris of all Doris's!!

    She's back to look for a new bloke to look after Frogmella no doubt.

    Any takers??
  10. Mr Highway is a good bet methinks?
  11. I'm spoken for by at least three other women (or could be men) on this website.

    Whats that Mother? No Mother, I wasn't talking to a woman. Honest Mother. Coming Mother...........
  12. I went to the dentist yesterday and 4 big burly men held me down while the dentist drank a bottle of whiskey...........after finding out about the whole lot of hurt I was gonna put on him as he pulled my tooth! :lol: :lol:
  13. Tut tut Dirty Sanchez, do u kiss yer mother with that mouth?......
  14. Wow..... Seems I've been missed loads on here! You haggerty old wrinkled d1cks need a good slaughtering from the old Northern trout. :roll:

    Roll over booyyssss, and prepare to get heeled!!

    P.S Ma, just recovered out of a coma due to your boring accusations from last season! Did'nt think you'd be able to type after they sectioned you! Does that straight jacket feel comfortable dear? :lol:
  15. Shes taken these months out to formulate a reply. She only just realised you slagged her off last year Ma_.

    Northern monkey!