Leaning over?!

Discussion in 'REME' started by Heywood_Jablowme, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. Is everyone getting too excited about Lean? I had the briefing from the one who is implementing it across the Corps and he gave it the big sell with the 5 Bn video. It was slick and seemed to work for a big unit who had masses of the same eqpt to get through.
    However, it appears that those in positions of power deem it necessary to apply Lean processes to everything, just to say that they have applied Lean processes to everything. This, they think, pleases their superiors and so they have the warm fuzzy feeling.
    Surely one of those officers must know that their own unit cannot apply Lean processes practically because of the diversity of kit, the spares buffer which would probably take longer to assemble initially than demanding ad hoc.

    or have I got it wrong? have I applied the Lean process by seeing if a Lean process can be applied.......and can't?

    God knows.....
  2. Lean?????? Whats that!!!!!

    Got the Comd ES visiting soon, I'm sure he'll ask about it, OMG someting else to implement!!!!

    So little time. Where can I get this brief............
  3. Autumn Kit mag pages 2+3 Lean for dummies. If you have anything about you, you will probably have been employing lean thinking for the last ten years any way.

  4. another fad, to join the ranks of TQ, Excellence, DES, DES2...

    I can't wait for LEAN2, do you think it will stand up alone ??? (Think about it..)
  5. Thankfully I've avoided this bollacks so far but folk keep metioning it around me...... I just get in a cupboard, same as i alwys do when something's not right..................
  6. I havent managed to see the video yet but I gather it was made by a godlike professional unit up North.

    A unit or indeed unit staff should not be daunted by "LEAN" and its process'
    but would be wise to pay particular care to the angle it came from.
  7. Waiting to see exactly what it is and if it will collocate in an E2E supply chain or bepart of a cluster. 'Lean' has reached dark blue.

    A verb and adjective becomes a noun courtesy of MoD. 'Lean' takes its place in Arrse Buzzwords.

  8. Shocking!! i know where you are coming from, is big brother watching?!
  9. Big Brother reads the morning news over my shoulder :wink:
  10. LEAN, another tool, which should be used when applicable but unless you have strong leadeship, they will talk the talk, not use it when it fits and it will join the REME top shelf covered in dust like TQ. What it does is make you stop and question how you do things and anything that allows that in today's 'busy' life is most welcome. Its not the adjustable spanner to fix all but a specified tool for some! Hard work and good tradesman being the closest thing to the 'fix all tool'.
  11. For LEAN read CAKE (go back to your Battlefield Principles (BP)!!). LEAN is great if you've the facilities, knowledge etc to implement it but it all relates to BP... concurrent activity etc (wake up at the rear of the class, is it all coming back now?)