LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Topper_Logan, Jan 17, 2011.

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  1. Before I part with my ELC credits and a proportion of my op bonus to attend the LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt anyone heard of 100%EffectiveTraining their client list is impressive lots of Blue Chip Companies plus the RAF. Anyone had any experience good or bad.

    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Courses
  2. I'd be interested to learn any good points about this firm....

    black belt in process fu? Sounds cheesy. Could it actually be anygood?
  3. From the site:

    Senior Management. Really?
  4. I worked for Bombardier and Caterpillar here in NI and all lean etc process improvements were taught in house. I looked at the cost of that course and I basically covered it in 3 days in Shorts Belfast and I was a glorified storesperson (supply logistics agent was the actual title)
  5. If their clients include the RAF (not sure if that's everyone in the entire organisation or a handful of logisticians), then I have the feeling that it's probably nugatory.
  6. I am job hunting now as I am about to demob and six sigma is appearing in a lot of job ads. Is this a truly adopted doctrine or just another CV filter fad!

    Any info is appreciated.
  7. Six/lean Sigma is a standard and industry recognised process improvement methodology. Its all about removing waste from a process and making it more efficient.
    Theres a load of bulls1t in it but there are some useful bits to be used in the real world. I'd be very surprised if you qualified as Black belt from just a course. Most courses take you to green belt level, attaining black is a matter of actually practicing the skills and tools.
    Depending on the industry you're looking to get into ITIL (for IT) or PRINCE (for project management) are alternatives but nothing really trumps experience and most companies worth their salt will be happier getting someone who's used these skills rather than someone whos just passed the course.
  8. I agree with everything that has been said in this post. Having done ITILv3, and PRINCE2 (which are great for a CV) the experience in the work place is paramount. However, the qualification will help open doors.

    Black belt from one course sounds a bit far fetched......I'd delve a bit deeper.
  9. All govt depts have adopted Lean or are in line to and both Fortune 500 companies I work for before joining the civil service had adopted it. If you can get on a coarse then do so as I dont think its a flash in a pan like the 'investing in people' bollocks from some years back. Its here to stay.
  10. Thanks for the info, it is an expensive course at all levels (much more than what I paid for PRINCE2). I does appear to be an endorsed by European and UK bodies, a bit more research needed.

    If anyone has work experience using this I would appreciate a quick brief :)
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Many years ago before we all slavishly swallowed and followed the US MBA dogma, work was planned by engineers (with degrees) sorted by supervisors with experience and carried out by technicians with trade training. Then along came project managers. Oh dear!
    Six Smegma is basically a course in what if. Nothing that a few years in a good infantry regiment couldnt teach you!
  12. Disco - I'd agree with Ugly. Several years good military experience will teach you more than most qualification...however 'Civ-world' says qualifcations matter so...You probably already know that Six Sigma has been around in the US for a long while and big/early adopters included GE, Bank of America, Xerox, IBM and AmEx. I think there is good reason that some things take a while to gain the same momentum in Europe and UK, however all these things Prince2, Six Sigma and the like have their place without the need for slavish devotion! A couple of links to articles that may or may not, provide food for thought.

    Army Adopting Lean Six Sigma

    Six Sigma: Europe
  13. To be honest the Wikipedia page on it is very concise. The problem with it is that its based around productivity in production and has been adopted by everyone in office enviroments so once its been filtered down to suit our needs it aquates to little more than doing away with amounts of data kept on paper, examining the work flow and doing away with unneccesary proccesses and bunging everything that is not needed in the working enviroments.

    Ugly pretty much sums it up really.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The problem with firms like Bechtel is they insist on all of this shoite and then also insist in reams of bullshit pie charts and forecasts to get their performance bonuses sorted. Its smoke and mirrors.