Discussion in 'REME' started by bladders, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone got any LEAN presentations they could mail me? Unfortunately i cannot access DEME (A) website to download the ones on there. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I dont have any to hand but there used to be a lot of info on the ABRO website.
  3. I am currently working on a lean line. we have the whole fitter section + 3 crew (including the tiff!!!) working away on 1 wagon.

    our aim is to get 6 wagons through in 6 weeks.

    the RLC stores section is amazingly quick, expence is always to hand, and everything is running like clockwork!

    HOWEVER.... is this not how it should happen anyway?

    Is it me, or is this lean line prosess just another REME fad? (just like 'TQ' was and the REME PDR!!)

    does anyone want to convince me otherwise?.... :?

  4. No it's not just you .it's nonesense unfortunately it appears to be flavour of the month with DEME (A) therefore Tiffies & above will pack away their spines and worship the Great God LEAN with one eye on their CR and the other on the next fad making it's way unerringly towards us !!!
  5. no sh!t........ how amusing was the visit from the BIG-WIGS?

    "LOOK AT ME".... "LOOK AT ME".... "ARNT I GREAT"....

    have a word... we're only fixing tanks like its friday afternoon for fcuks sake. :x
  6. wind your fcuking neck in knobber.
  7. "HA HA HA HA HA",,, (big career laugh) :D

    Truth usually does hurt!...... Sorry for stating the facts!
  8. As they say if your not part of the solution you are part of the problem!!
  9. Outstanding blinkered view there DD, ever thought that the the path of the solution we are told to follow is so unobtainable and fruitless that everybody who thinks that they are part of the solution are actually compounding the problem?
  10. LEAN eh? 6 Bn did that for a bit. Total failure.
    Lads who joined up to do something different being made to work in a factory on a line. No different to packing toilet rolls.
    They get bored. The supervisors get bored and fcuk off. The lads are unsupervised. LEAN falls over.
    When are we going to learn that the way it used to be done years ago was the best way? Do we really have to go through these 2 year periods of suck it and see before we find out what we all knew was going to happen?
    Plan these things with lots of wooperts and wodneys who have no idea where the shop floor is let alone what happens on it and its bound to roll over and die.
    It seems our leaders dont quite get it that somethings are good the way they are and change for changes sake demoralises, disjoints and destroys.
  11. Have you worked on leanline? I would say it is a big fad also, my experience is yes it can work if have the right set up but not well and not smoothly but lets face it every shop floor is different so never have the same sort of set up even if kit is the same.
    Other factors come into play when it is running that have an equal or more important priority which clash also, normally down to fastballs, then you get the wodneys sticking their beaks in and fcuking it up with graphs and other kak and thinking of new ways to make it run better which more often than not dont work plus it is a great waste of money, order sh1t loads of spares in, have them on the shop floor to be used and accounted for, then end of lean line collate all the information try to give spares back to RLC they say fcuk off we cant be arsed back loading that pap throw it in the skip.....

    The only solution to lean line is to mag to grid it i have worked on two and cant say i was sold by the idea.
  12. Its strange isn't it? LEAN works on minute details taking into account every spare second and timing a task to the enth degree yet its full of unpredictables and unmeasurables.
    A 4 man team is going to repair a CR2 to an agreed standard in a given amount of time? Yeah right! It should be presented in an agreed standard by the driver mech but like that's ever gonna happen?
    The people who set up this methodology of 'Emperor's New Clothes' proportions have obviously never been approached by a Squadron Leader asking "How long will my panzer be before it's fixed?"
    Stock answer: "As long as it takes"
    Sometimes you can take every ring of bolts off. Sometimes you can't. Some days it takes 20 minutes. Some days it takes 5 times longer. C'est la vie de le mechanique d'auto.
    I'm getting a picture of some £500 an hour 'consultant' comes into the MoD and tells them anything and promises it's going to save £millions and they buy into it without even considering that he might be talking sh1t.
    Add to that that LEAN lines also stop so the latest Big Wig can talk to the team and ask bone questions and its all pear shaped.
    (WAG = Wives and Girlfriends........WIG = W*nkers in General?)
    How about we have a day when everyone is supervised and where they should be doing what they should be doing. Not doing admin or nipping down to the Spar. Given a job card and told "This is what you get paid for. Go and earn your pay"
    No getting taken out of work at the last minute because the QM needs 10 extra bods to sort out the store he's supposed to have been managing for the last year! No getting taken out of work because someone who was on stag has gone sick (nominate a reserve ffs!)
    The Army is losing men at a 10 year peak? No sh1t!

  13. what the fuk is going on I did not post this ???? :x
  14. Spot on.

    We did this a few weeks/months ago (thread on lean), I said virtually the same as has been said above. There is no need for lean, just let the guys do their job. Someone stated that lean lets them do this, no, managers/supervisors let them do this.
  15. Drop me a pm and i will try and get hold of one and send you it