LEAN Gone mad!

Discussion in 'REME' started by the_mentalist, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. I went to the clothing store in my unit to exchange 2 sets of combats, after 5 minute of being blanked by the four civies all doing nothing, I fianally was served (if you can call it that!).

    I was instantly told, "You can only exchange 1 set of combats per month, and I probably wont be able to exchange any this time because the shelves are empty".

    On quizing the extremely helpful store person as to why the shelves were empty, she replied "We are not allowed to store any clothing on the shelves because it is a waste of money".

    Let me tell you, I nearly had heart burn! I have never heard anything as bonkers in my life. The storemen are practically redundant because they have nothing to do, yet they get paid to come to work. The store has all the lights on and heating on (even though it is summer), yet the shelves are bare! How the feck is that saving money?

    Now what it means is, they have to demand you an exchange of clothing, (1 suit per month) which takes a month to arrive, the delivery wagon is making extra trips increasing the carbon footprint of the unit, yet it still the unit pours money down the drain employing 4 civies to do what now equates to a part time job for 1 person.

    Has LEAN gone mad?
  2. Try trurning up on parade with massive holes in your trousers and see how quickly you can get a new issue.
  3. Firstly, the statement "We are not allowed to store any clothing on the shelves because it is a waste of money" is absolute balls. It is sensible, of course, to limit clothing to popular and fast-moving items in order to minimise wastage, but there is no endorsed 'empty-shelf, order on demand' policy.

    The days of limiting clothing exchanges (eg CML) went out with the Ark. The only constraint now is affordability within your Bde (or similar budget). The so what from this is that either your Bde has consumed its financial allocation for clothing, is trying to make financial efficiencies through constraining demand, or the clothing store is not doing its job.

    You need to speak to the RQ or your chain off command to sort.
  4. So no longer are we going to get fobbed off with "stores are for storing things" as obviously they aint any more.
  5. never heard anything like it. There are certain guidlines on the frequency of issue and core holdings but not heard anything like this. I can only comment for my clothing storeman and he can't do enough to help an individual regardless of rank. The resident QM may have set his own policy.

    We do, however, as an army tend to exchange perfectly serviceable kit as we have to please the masters who think that smartly turned out tin soldiers are better.

    As for LEANing the process, it would be far more efficient and economical to close Bn/Regt clothing stores and have central stores where possible. Obviously this would apply to garrisons etc and not independant units. Some units have a larger turnaround of items than others and centralising As for prep for deployments the PEP should take care of the unit's needs and requirements. 'Tribal' items that are peculiar to that unit can be held by the PRI. In my experience they don't seem to wear out as fast.

    Oh god! I have just read my post and realised I have supported LEAN!
  6. Have heard new system is coming in and soon you will order your own kit online, hopefully at work, and not on your own PC unless they want to cut line rental, lets hope its not dial up you have to order your kit on, you might get your demob suit first.
    Tidworth is in the process of being the first to trial it.
  7. I've heard the same story - all predicated on DII. Amazon and Argos do it - why not the Services? I am so looking forward to ordering one of those light blue skirts, some high heels and stockings.

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  8. I work with the crabs and we have been ordering our kit by e-mail for about a year! You simply trawl through the online catalogue, open an order form, fill it out and send it as an attachment to stores. Couple of days later said item arrives in a nifty blue bag or.................. more often than not I get a slip of paper saying that my demand has been referred to the Army for processing which is strange as I'm a matlow ordering through crab stores? Just why do you guys feel the need to hoard "hat sailor" and "tactical flash RN" I've been trying to get one of them gucci hussars hats but it keeps getting rejected :wink:
  9. What and lose that brilliant banter we have with the civilian laugh a minute staff who have been given 2 life sentences for crime against humanity. I wonder if they go on a course to grunt, whinge and say were not open when you ask to exchange kit. Not been to Bordon for a long time now( nearly 10 years) but expect with todays technology they are definate COMPUTER SAYS NO characters.

    Edited to say just a thought I might put in for a clothing stores job in Bordon so if any contacts or advice what i need to do for resettlement course then answers on a postcard. Ive been told Im a grumpy old Artisan so nearly qualified :wink:
  10. Matlow????? When did we get rid of Matelots?
  11. Storing items on the shelf costs money, from a specific budget, so if its kept in bicester for example, it comes off a different budget, so some rupert can claim they have saved money and thus getting their MBE!!
  12. I did, show parade and 2 xtras thank yu vryfukinmuch
  13. Oh but that's so very French!
  14. Iron, not much chance there mate. I was under the impression only the old RD/RS types got them jobs, now they are usually over qualified in the grumpiness stakes :D

    From a retired Grumpy old Artisan & former colleague of 1 on the back!
  15. The thoughts of odering kit onlie.............. ebay may be a good starting point!