Leaks are endangering operations - anti-terror chief

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. Guess who is leaking? Whitehall spinners, probably either Home Office or Cabinet Office.

    It is blatantly obvious. There have been leak inquiries over everything from the wallpaper in Downing Street to embarrasing plots to bug the UN. So why not now? "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear". Right?

    Yet another reason why nobody believes a word "they" say anymore, about war, terrorism or anything else. I believe that Bliar stands a very good chance of enduring a series of uncomfortable grillings during any future enquiries into Iraq (etc) set up by a future Tory or Tory/Lib Dem government - assuming he is not banged up over charges arising from any cash-for-honour trial.


  2. This stinks.

    No inquiry?
    Why not? I wonder.

    B'liar's 'troops' doing their best to look good - and bollox to the safety of the rest of us.

    Image over substance, every fecking time.
  3. I heard his reply to Cameron in the Commons, basically "I'll only investigate if you can prove it". Horse some way behind cart, there, but then he always did have a very loose grasp on due process of law.

    Personally, I'd like to see the Terrorism Act abused in his case the same way it was for Walter Wolfgang - "look, mate, we've decided to suspect you of something, so you don't have rights any more". Hoist by his own petard, kind of thing.

    PS Wouldn't the Welsh Secretary be the ideal person to investigate?

    I had a hat as well, you know...
  4. Still unfit for purpose in the Home Office eh Reid?
  5. Reid = commie ex alky. Waddya expect
  6. I can imagine the results of that inquiry

    " . . . . . . could not find the source of the leaks"

    Because the police aren't saying if one of theirs was leaking - just like they weren't saying who was leaking in the cash for peerages.

    Just as the government wouldn't be able to tell if one of theirs was leaking the information
  7. Oh I agree, an outrageous slur, because the members of this government have proven time and again how responsible and honourable they are... :roll:
  8. But no-one has given a source for the leaks, so it could just as easily be a member of Birminghams plod looking for an easy buck. Lets face it, they have a long history of selling information.

    Until it is made plain to reporters that leaked documents and anonymous sources from wherever are not on we will continue to get this
  9. Granted, but what's laughable is Bliar's outrage that anyone might so much as think that his government might be responsible for leaks, given all that's been proved to have been done by members and former members of Bliar's cabinets, let alone what's alleged to have been done by them.
  10. I really would like to see that proof - doubt I will though eh? There are only two people that I know to have been found to be leaking "allegedly"and they are going to find out just what it is like in the big bad world of prison.

    The David and Leo Show

    Of course - some posters don't mind THESE leaks, they are - after all - anti governmental ones.
  11. I wasn't referring to any leaks having been proved, I was merely stating that some Ministers of State have acted irresponsibly and dishonestly, therefore they are not above suspicion for anything and for that reason Bliar's outrage is ironically amusing.
  12. How much use would a 'leak enquiry' be?
    I seem to remember 'Yes Minister' covering their use quite well when Sir Humphrey Appleby asked Jim Hacker how many leak enquiry reports, in round figures, he had ever seen. The answer, of course, was none - leak enquiries are for setting up - not for reporting. If one requires a leak report one calls in Special Branch.
    Incidentally, wasn't this the series that gave us the famous 'the ship of state is the only ship that leaks from the top?'
  13. Yes, and the line "I don't want an internal inquiry, Humphrey, I want a real one".
  14. As well as the irregular verb: I give confidential briefings; You leak; He has been charged under the OSA
  15. and up trundles Stevens the spin master ex-detective and his hugely expensive investigative consultants.