Leaking Landy!

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Cuddles, Mar 23, 2011.

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  1. A kindly lady said to me this afternoon..."are you leaking oil?"

    I get this occasionally because as any fule do kno the air-con on the disco does occasionally spew out a lot of water and a watery - not oily patch was visible under the rear axle of the vehicle, which was parked on a small incline. so i thought nothing of it. Until I next stopped and a hideous smell of diesel could be detected...which given it was dripping beneath the rear axle was not to be wondered at.

    So home goes Cuddles and hits the lap-top and sure enough there was a recall notice for a fuel pipe chafing issue and my Disco's VIN is in the block recalled. The thing is, will Land Rover fix this even though the warranty is long expired - the recall came after expiry though - and more importantly the recall risk is no longer a risk but an event?? I am a little surprised not to have received the recall...or indeed not to have heard about it.

    Now the answers will be made clear to me tomorrow when I talk to the lovely people in Solihull. However, before I talk to them, I wonder if anybody on here has experienced this issue or had the recall notice? (Ref: R/2004/093)
  2. I don't know about your Disco, but I had my Vauxhall recalled to have the brakes master cyclinder etc rechecked on the instruction of Vauxhall HQ.

    The car was out of warrenty but had been serviced by Vauxhall at all times and I had the vehicle from new/first owner. (Infact I recieved two notifications one from HQ and one from the garage who services the car).

    I was not charged.

    Are you the first owner of the Disco, if not prehaps Land rover have been writing to the previous owner. If you have not had it serviced by Land Rover since the recall then again it may or would have been inspected repaired/replaced and you notified at that time.

    If you have had it serviced by land Rover since the date of the recall and no mention was made then I would return to the garage and ask why they had not complied with the recall notice. (Possible reason for contact Trading Standards!!!, if they failed on that what else have they failed to do).

    In either case I do not believe you should be charged as they are required under law to inform you of the recall. I can not recall the rules on this but one of the motoring trade regulating bodies covers it.
  3. Dunno about a recall but a well know Disco TD5 problem is a leak from the fuel pressure regulator (rear drivers side of engine).
  4. Land rovers have leaked forever I'm surprised they even recall them for it.
  5. Cuddles -
    Not sure of the rules in the UK but in the US there is never any charge on a recall. Warranty expiration and mileage do not matter as the car was defective when manufactured.

    Had a recall on my own car re starter switch (GM SUV) and done right away, no cost.

    At work we had about forty Ford Interceptors recalled for all new wheel rims. There was a problem with the welds and despite the rims being certified for extended driving at 140 MPH a wheel could come apart if you went over 120MPH. Again, no charge but we had to spread out the changeover over several days due to the number of vehicles that needed rims off, tyres off, tyre on new rim, dynamically balance all wheels, including spares, put rims with tyres back on the car.
  6. Cuddles,

    It really shouldn't be a drama, I've got a good contact at Land Rover Customer Care if it becomes one.

    Besides, a drip is a good thing, it means there is still stuff in the Land Rover doing what its supposed to do,

    when it stops dripping, thats when it gets expensive....
  7. Last time I travelled in a landy with cuddles (series III) he missed a turn and put it on it's side near Bovvy and to make matters worse, he then undid his seat belt and landed on me.
    I blame his driving not the the TD5 or the reason for recall
  8. In what way did he land on you? Was it something that seemed accidental but turned into a grope or mutual masturbation.
  9. If I may remind you, I was a driver under instruction and you were the vehicle commander. So it is pretty clear where the blame lies! I do apologise for landing on you but I felt I needed to make sure I had finished you off, as instructed by the BC!

    To add insult to injury I missed my stag party as a result and what should have been a swinging night ended up as a quiet-ish curry with Eric, followed by a lot of whisky...ouch. Oh and the accident was at Shepton Mallet...and 25 years ago. Oh lord but the time flies by when you are having fun!
  10. It sounds like we need Simon Bates for you two and after all these years der der der durrrr der der durrrr they met on an Internet forum der der durr they realised how much the time in that landy meant. Dur der der they met for coffee and held hands and reminisced about the smell of gear oil. Der der dur they fingered each other with calloused hands and bummed long into the night. They realised the love they had for each other. Der der der but the excitement killed both the *****. Der der der.
  11. I presume its a TD5 Cuddles?
    Mine did the same. Its the palstic fuel pipes in the area of th fuel filter rub on the chassis and wear a pinhole. High pressure means it blows fuel out in a big way.
    When mine dd it there was several months wait on production for th pipes so I just cut it and spliced in conventional fuel hose. That was 19 months ago and not had any trouble since. Cost a couple of quid and made sure the pipes were well secured with cable ties to prevent repetition.
    The pipes are colour coded with inbuilt clip fittings and easy enough to change.
  12. just let it leak then get your Zippo on parade and let the Disco burn in an inferno, then call Land Rover and tell them what that nasty chaffing fuel pipe jsut did.

    i heard you get a brand spankin new Disco 3 for your troubles.
  13. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Next time a lady tells you you're leaking, listen to her, this time it was your landy, next time it'll be your bladder!

    And as for the recall, IIRC a safety recall is relevant at any time and should be free as it's their faulty part they are fixing. (9 year old Renault Clio got new bonnet catch last year after god knows how many owners and back street rather than franchise services as garage owner I use and trust knew there had been a recall on that item and I was having trouble)
  14. Must be the landy equivalent of syncronised PMT. My old rangie's fuel pipe sprung a leak under the rear chassis member. Not a recall issue just a caked in shit old corroded pipe issue. Had to have the hands of james Herriot to get at the bugger. Scary though as I only noticed it as it was parked up in our hay barn while I was away. Straw on the floor was soaked in petrol.

    They do say though landie's don't leak they just mark there territory.

  15. Really, i'll try that! Cheers easy...

    Oh hang on, my dear old mum always said "Never trust a Greenjacket, you can tell when they stop lying, their lips stop moving!" :biggrin:

    So maybe I'll just let the Land Rover boys in Bris get on with it!