Leaked No 10 dossier

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FineX, Jul 13, 2005.

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  1. found this in times online. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,22989-1688872,00.html

    Long dossier on islamic integrsation and the recruting of fundementalist in britan. seems that they are geting them fron the unis.

    intresting how these things always start to do the rounds once something like the bombings on thursday happen.
  2. Are you dyslexic? 11 spelling mistakes including "Britan"!!! I suggest you sort out your signature block as well.
    I'm not normally such a pedant, and my spelling is far from perfect, but you are making yourself sound stupid. Interesting article though....
  3. Gonzo,

    Yes he is - but I've always found that FineX posts some good stuff. I'd rather him using 'grammar-by-TFlash' than the most erudite individual posting one-sided narrow-minded blinkered holier-than-thou cr@p.

    Not that I'm accusing you of this Gonzo! :D

    Edited to add: Well done the pair of you - take yesterday off!

    Edited again to add: I love the fact that the 'leaked dossiers' have red ink corrections all over them!! Deep joy!! :D
  4. DD - Noted.
    FineX - Apologies.

    On topic - I don't think the recruitment at university and college is anything new. It is a tried and tested way of getting the right people of the right calibre and various organisations (both legitimate and not) have been doing this for decades (Both the KGB and MI6 recruited from British Universities). The authorities must have been aware of this and I would be very surprised if they have not been keeping an eye on certain university clubs since 911 at least!
  5. I read for my degree at a university in the West Midlands 1994-1997. During my 2nd & final years there was a big hoo-hah about certain S.U. presidential candidates using non-students from radical Muslim youth groups to encourage voting along religious lines. The W.M.P. were involved in monitoring the activity of these groups across several F.E. & H.E. establishments, so it's not a new thing.
  6. So wtf are the police all so 'surprised' about it now?
  7. I have no idea why it would be a surprise - from what we were told, the Met was looking at a similar thing in the Inner London F.E. & H.E. establishments at the same time.
  8. thanks for the defence DD.

    i also found the markings highly amusing.

    i dont see much of this going on at stirling but then again im on the othere side. since im in the OTC

    and no need to apologeis gonzo