Leaked documents reveal GOP plan to use scare tactics to rai

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. This underscores how the political partisans in the US do not "get it." IMHO (and based on personal observation), the so-called "Tea Party" movement is a genuine grass roots movement of a wide and diverse group of Americans who are getting increasingly frustrated with the US political scene, both Republican and Democrat alike.

    Both the vilification and mockery of this movement by the progressive left and the smugness and sense of entitlement to its support of the progressive right demonstrate that neither the entrenched political establishment nor the media in general understand what is happening. The challenge will be for this movement to have sufficient impact on US politics before irreparable damage to the American economic and political systems is done.

  2. For once I am partially in agreement with you.

    The vehemence of the partisanship is only doing harm to the US,
    whilst other less friendly nations prosper at your nation's expense.

    The Tea Party Movement, from what I have picked up, however is far from a homogenous entity.
    There appears to be a rump of fiscally responsible republicans, democrats & independents who are truly concerned about the deficit.
    Ron Paul’s consistency and integrity can only be admired, even if one does not wholly agree with him on all matters.
    His emergence from CPAC was a telling testimony to this.

    However, elements of the Tea Party Movement have been funded by lobbyists for the healthcare insurance companies,
    and other interested parties, who are only too keen to see the continuance of DC political gridlock,
    that does no favours for the nation let alone reducing the deficit.

    The leaked GOP PP presentation does little to respect the GOP own fundraisers,
    when it traduces the approach of fundraising to the massaging the egos of the rich,
    and fear-mongering the lesser well-off, to elicit funds.

    US Political Discourse deserves to be elevated from the foetid poisonous swamp waters that it has sunk to -
    not for any party’s political particular advantage, but for the nation’s own political health.
  3. No doubt there will be efforts to hijack any truly grassroots movement by various establishment groups, whether lobbies, parties or otherwise. I can but hope that the various constituent elements can weather those storms and cause the real change that the US needs.