Leaked Call of Duty modern warfare 2 Controversy

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by azrael1980, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. The controversy in question is following France (yet again) releasing a game early,But the leaked opening footage to the new call of duty game starts off in a airport.

    The sequence shows the player in control of what is presumably a terrorist figure, attacking an airport and mercilessly killing unarmed civilians en masse.

    The uprorar is over playing a terrorist who then proceeds through the level
    shooting every civilian that you see, however the level can proceed through without killing any civilians to you reach a point where you are forced into the action of killing.

    Infinity Ward have defended themselves as saying that it allows the player, who's perspective switches to the teams hunting the terrorists to feel anger/hate towards them and give a personal feel of wanting to get the bad guys.

    Is this alright or will it cause more video games are bad mmkay talk?
    or the blame for some spotty ilk who decides to shoot up local airport.
  2. Is it any different to playing as the Germans in any number of WW2 games, or as the Russians in good old Op Flashpoint? As for the second point, well to me it always seems someone wants to blame someone other then the perpetrator in these 'nutter shoots the place up' cases, be it music, horror movies, computer games, these sick fcuks carry out these crimes because they're mentally ill, not because they played a game that millions of others also played and managed to not murder anyone for real.
  3. While I can see this may be 'unpalatable' to the masses, it does bring the other side (rather than G.I Joe running around shooting pixels, you're al-Jones running around shooting pixels) to the player.
    There will be those who already condemn video games as the catalyst in any number of school/post office/shopping mall shooting sprees, and they're going to LOVE this.
  4. I can't wait! Are there unarmed children? Babies in pushchairs?!?!? I hope so!

    I can picture it now........dakkadakkadakkadakka *sccreeEEAAAMMMMMMM* :D

    Grenaaaaaaaaaade! BANG! Splat.

    Mmmmmmmmmmm murder death kill.

    It's a game FFS. I treat it as such.
  5. Hmm, I don't about you, but i think I know which one im going to choose :twisted:
  6. Bloody outrageous! I still haven't mastered the knack of zooming in and out with the sniper scope in COD2 yet! :x
  7. I'm sure there will be a terrible outcry but it's a game.The people who do this kind of thing for real, are so far into there own twisted realities they couldn't give a toss either way.
  8. Excellent.

    When's it released?
  9. I hope it's got proper realism integrated into it. To be armed with an SLR, standing over a cowering bint cradling her child whilst urinating into her own shoes makes me tumescent and quite giddy. I'd buy the game for the civvy executing rampage alone.
  10. Released on the 10 nov

    normal edition : £45
    Hardened edition: £60
    Prestige edition :£120

    I know you may gasp at the price but included in the prestige editon is a set of fully functioning NVG's

    I dont know what make or model but cue a large boost in the percentage of young adolescents "birdwatching" not that teens look like your average ornithologist or there will some tooled up gents doing dodgy things in parks.
  11. Good point 5A! I think some footage of a f*kwit taking a wazz on a war memorial should be included in the opening scenes.... just to really grip ma poo before the off! :twisted:
  12. Maybe we can solve the SA 80 vs SLR debate now by how many civvies you can kill with one shot hehehehe :twisted:

    cant wait pre ordering today! :twisted:
  13. I went into Game near work yesterday lunch time, and they had notices up saying they were opening at mid-night on the day of release of Modern Warfare 2.

    Who the hell buys a game at midnight on the day of release?
  14. that scene you saw was in game footage which is designed to give you an idea of the story, you will either play as SAS or USMC in the game for the MP i guess its SAS/US against the terrorist nut at the moment there doesnt seem to be dedicated server code for the game which suxx big time necause most of the community is multiplayer orientated.
  15. I've had it on pre order since the day amazon listed it! (just hope they get it through the royal mail BFPO gauntlett!