League to sell land to fund anti hunting campaign.

Thought this might interest the readership, looks like times are getting desperate. Its a shame they are retaining the shooting rites to the land as I imagine there is some great sport to be had there.

League to sell land “to fund hunting campaign” | Shooting times

Also has anyone else seen their latest video? Its an outrage that someone who is campaigning for animal rights and wants to stop there suffering feels its okay to video a pricked partridge without doing the decent thing! Go back to the city and let us get on with it!
May I invite all those who might want the land to forebear from purchasing it unless the shooting rights come too? Let the Load of Anti-Crusties and Similar go bankrupt and then a sportsman will pick up the property at fire-sale prices.

I cannot abide their viewpoint but it is the sanctimonious ways they express it, whilst aging, toothless stags die in horrible condition on their land that really bugs me. How would they like it if an ageing toothless Paul McCartney was howling in extreme distress? Oh sorry I hadn't realised he had another classical choral piece out.
So long as it is not purchased by the RSPCA as a Grey Squirel sanctuary! But the vermin controls will allow anyone to shoot there.
Unless they write something specific into a covenant to the deeds then LACS retaining the sporting rights would NOT prevent the new owners from shooting deer, as that would be pest control, to protect woodland.
I suspect LACS are cute enough legally. I believe - though this was a drunken chat at a Game Fair - that allegedly they got a chap to join BASC so they could ask for legal advice on sporting issues, then turn it on its head. Apparently though he asked one question which was a bit obviously not designed to support but to counter the cause of shoting! hence he was rumbled.

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