League of Gentlemen



Anyone watch the new series last night?

Funny is not the word - it was hilarious! ;D
Very sharp indeed, and the bit where the doctor subjected his patients to the RLC JNCO tactics cadre was spot on!
Hmm, doctor excepted, I thought it was actually pretty poor compared with the other series, it all seemed a bit over the top with the comedy to an extent diluted by a preoccupation with what could almost be called drama (ie - where's teh funney?). Still, next weeks might be better, and even if it's not the office is back soon :).
'We'll have none of that, this is a local shop for local people.....There's nothing for you here!!' ;D

Must admit.....brill programme! Best bits is when the couple that own's the shop comes on....forgot their names now, it will come to me soon ???


Edward and Tubs, they were supposedly killed in the first episode, but there were new born babies on last night's episode with the 'turned up nose'.  mmmmmm....
Rubbish compared to 1st & 2nd series.

RIP Herr Lipp...

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