Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by FluffyBunny, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. In case you hadn't spotted it:

    From Chris 951

    I am going to the re-forming parade for one of my old Regiments on Friday.

    Do any of the head sheds have some form of leaflet etc, that could be shrunk down to a single side of A5, that I could print off and hand out while I am there?

    Even better if it can be fitted 2 to a landscape A4 page, then I can do a bit of printing and cutting.

    As we start handing leaflets out today, and Chris is an ARRSEr of some duration, can we now ping him the leaflet copy?

    Thoughts anyone?
  2. Chris is a top bloke - PTP and I met him at the Pun VC reception - so I have no problems with his integrity.
  3. Now the leaflets have started hitting the deck, I suggest we post a copy on the main thread and the website.

    The element of surprise is now gone, and folk may wish to print them off for their own use around offices and barracks.

    They also paid for them (or will have when Paypal gets the cash to me).

    Anyone got the pdf and can we go ahead?

    Once we get some posters up, we should issue that image as well on the same basis.
  4. I have got it.

    will send when i get home as got to leave now
  5. For a blonde, you're alright :D
  6. Evening team just been photgraphed by local press.

    Fluff am sendng pdf now....have I got your email?
  7. i sent it to you
  8. Haven't got it chick.

    Log in to MSN and ping it from there.

  9. Cancel my last Moody

    The porn filter must have recognised your name. I've got it back from the "quarantined bin" now.

    Update: Arghhh! It's far too small to read! Who has the original version?
  10. Can I have a copy to joe@ournet.org.uk please?

    I'll host it on thevoid and link from the "help" page for people to print off if they want. That'll save some of A_A's bandwidth.

    Speaking of which, given his outstanding support and clear integrity when he's had stuff before release, would he be one too many to add here?
  11. Don't think we've known him long enough Spunky, though his help is noted.

    There will be more sensitive stuff coming up for discussion soon , and I'd rather keep it to just us for the time being.
  12. wil send now fluff

    sent large version
  13. Cheers Moody

    Can you ping it to Spunky as well?

    joe @ ournet.org.uk

    Spunky, once you have it posted, please then pop a link of the pdf version into the ARRSE thread? I have nowhere sensible to host it.