Leaf blowers.. can i have a whine?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dirtyfilthymech, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. I have been on 3 different barracks in the last week and observed at least 5 different civilian contractors blowing leaves in to nice piles (with machines not mouths). FFS If the MOD are going to make cuts let it be the blowing brigade before anything else. I do understand that wet rotting leaves are dangerous under foot but FFS we need to get a grip.

    rant over
  2. How dare you!

    WE used to watch the Estate Staff in Larkhilll blow all the leaves into great big, easily pick-upable piles... on Fridays. They then left then to pick them up on Monday morning.

    Probably one of the MOD's best uses of money.
  3. If you are going to have a rant, at least rant about something decent FFS!

    Leaf blowers (when used correctly) are much faster and cheaper than having workmen sweeping up the leaves (all on pensionable wages).

    Or would you rather each sub-unit formed up in extended line on a Friday afternoon to clear up all the leaves before búggering off for the weekend?
  4. I find the best and most fun way to deal with it is to cycle fast right through the middle of the piles.

    Childish, but fun.

    P.S. Watch out for leaf blowers blowing leaves into pot holes 8O
  5. Fucking leaf blowers, all we had were rakes from the G10 and no fckuing civvies to do it for us. Get a grip.
  6. Oh those glorious, happy days of picking up leaves and dragging bin bags of them round camp. Usually this is to be attempted in a howling gale with at least half of the bags splitting. Only three people will have a broom and two of them are soft bristled ones. Personally I'm happy that some chubby civi drives around camp with a massive vacuum cleaner on the back of a tractor.
  7. Broke my ankle as kid thanks to a treasure hunter digging up holes all over park and sticking leaves back in holes... Was stuck in the middle of a field in December for two hours before someone found me. :D
  8. And you, my curly tailed friend, can fu ck right off! :lol: My first job on arrival at Hohne in 1968 was to push a 2 wheel bin cart around the entire garrison area and sweep up the leaves. It was autumn and pissing with rain. Fucking nightmare. I wouldnt wish it on any squaddie.
  9. To be fair fella there was a cold war on, it was either that or paint the wagons again. what's wrong with just letting them blow? or just cut the fffing trees down it would save a fortune.
  10. So much for "Don't ask, don't tell". :roll:
  11. Twas in early January in 1983 that I arrived at Hildesheim. The camp had plenty of trees but by then, all the leaves had been collected and disposed of as only experienced leaf hunter gatherers would know. But one bright morning, the peace of the crewroom was disturbed as a gaggle of troopers were outside discussing the tree they were stood under. I should say at this point that the AAC (and REME like myself) took no interest in trees or the leaves on trees or the leaves that used to be on the trees and were now on the ground and just let Mother Nature do her work and pray for the odd hurricane to distribute said leaves before they started to rot.

    The troopers were staring upwards and thoughts went to a possible first winter sighting of a Lesser Spotted Throat Warbler or that bloody cat had got stuck in the branches again but finally we saw the object of their attention. It was a leaf, it was THE leaf, as it was the only leaf on any of the trees on camp but it was up there and it was laughing at them and particularly at the RSM of 5 Heavy who had a 'thing' about leaves. So they just waited.

    And waited
    And waited

    And sometime later the leaf flutttered to the ground. All things come to he who waits. Even leaves.
  12. If your leaf blower is whining,it may have a jammed or seized bearing.My leaf blower makes a mighty fine, throaty roar as the two stroke engine merrily does it's work.It also mulches and vacuums up the leaves as well.
  13. If a leaf blower is whining it can mean one of two things.

    1. It's female.
    2. It's in the TA.
  14. what exactlys wrong with a broom or a rake?
  15. That's what people tend to say when the leaf blower's fcuked.