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Discussion in 'Officers' started by tafftoff, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. As a state schooler, if I gained a commission into my local Regiment, there is a fair chance of me coming into contact with lads from my school/ local schools. I have no problem with this at all, I'm just wondering if that might worry the people who ultimately place you? Perhaps they believe it could compromise you if one of your soldiers remembered you when you were called pisspants magee or something similar?

    I believe this is a valid question.

  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It isn't something that is worth worrying about unless they were your drug dealer or something similar.
  3. Thats nothing, one poor lass got went uni, got commissioned and turned up at her regt to discover her old school f**k buddy was one of her toms :D
  4. This is where good character pays off.

    Or so I'm told. :wink:

    Skeletons in your closet Tafftoff?
  5. Being a helpful sort,I willingly complied with a request to do some instruction for another unit's ATD trg,only to discover the younger brother of one of my school mates in the audience.He made a cheerful reference to our old acquaintance,in response to which I b*llocked him stupid,threatened to charge him and threw him in the gas chamber without his respirator. :twisted:

    How we laughed and laughed when we met up in the pub next time I was visiting my home town :lol:
  6. If you are worried about such things, perhaps you should consider if you should be commisioned.

    Irrespective of wether you know someone or not, if you are a higher rank you are their superior officer , I agree with sandmanfez good character will pay off.
    As for compromise "if one of your soldiers remembered you when you were called pisspants magee or something similar?" get over it, you are supposed to be an adult as they should be not playground bullies.

    Not the sort of thing a PO should really be worrying about , I would concentrate on what I require for RCB.
  7. Thank you all.

    I am not worried about being put in an awkward position by anyone. I did think it could affect my choice of regt., however.

    And shurely its better to be worrying about issues such as this rather than worrying if some hound will accompany me to the OTC 3 legged pub crawl, or if the new OTC rugger shirts have come in etc etc?
  8. Well then Pisspants Magee! Now we know your old school nick-name!

    I had three occasions when I 'bumped' into chaps who I'd known before commissioning.

    The first was my best best friend at school. He joined the Int Corps as a ranker as he turned into a bit of a working class hero whilst at university. He also had a chip on his shoulder because his father, an officer and a top man, had himself 'come up through the ranks'. He asked me to be his 'best man' at his first wedding. Not a problem. I met him in 1973, and we are still in touch.

    The second was a chap who I used to knock around with during school holidays when we were army brats. His father was my father's Chief Clerk, coincidentally. On my first day in my Battalion whilst crossing the drill square and avoiding stitch ups, none other than Phil B**** marched up, banged his tabs in, saluted and said 'Hello Sir'. I replied 'Cor. Fcuk me. What are you doing here mate?' He reminded me that I had to call him Pte B**** now, and not call him mate! We served together for the next 10 years without any trouble, played in the rugby team, got pished together occasionally. Not a problem. He now lives about 4 miles from me and is in great form.

    The third was a problem. We were in the same form at school. He was a 'charity' case, very chippy, was a day-boy, got bullied, no mates and just generally didn't fit in. Woke up one morning went on a body building course, joined the Paras, went 'South', got shot in the head and ended up as a PTI in Woolwich, when I last saw him (1988). During a POs pish up at the Gunner Depot, he turned up and started throwing his weight around. The Gunner subbies were all terrified of 'The PT Sarn't Major' and wouldn't tell him to Fcuk off out of it. So I did! It all got a bit messy, and he was very lucky not to get Court Martialled.

    You either have 'it' or you don't. Some of your posts lead me to think you might not yet be quite ready for a Service career, whether as an officer or as an Other Rank (a dreadful expression).
  9. With respect, I don't think you can learn anything about someone's character from half a dozen internet posts, let alone their 'suitability for service'.

    If people adopt a cap in hand timidity it's because this forum is esoteric. PO's are enquiring into a world they know nothing of, and will probably ask stupid questions from time to time.
  10. Reading what you actually said here, you want to know if the powers that be would be concerned, you didn't say that you yourself were concerned - think a few people have got the wrong end of the stick and are giving you a hard time but all the advice on here is sound. As long as your not worried, and it sounds as though you're not, no-one else will be either.

    Not quite the same but I was a Tom in the TA for a couple of years before going to the Academy.

    I bumped into a few old TA buds whilst commissioned who remembered me as an 18 yo Tom - none of them ever had an issue and neither did I. Still in touch with a lot of them, some enlisted, some commissioned and some like me, sitting behind desks reminiscing on Arrse!
  11. Ref your last post TaffToff - good for you. Glad to see you fight your corner, your question is valid and welcome.

    As I mentioed, your post was misread by a couple of people and they responded a bit un-charitably.

    Try to ignore self rightous comments from bullys who give themselves ego trips by belittling PO's, it shows a lack of confidence on their part.

    You will come across them equally in the Army and civvie street.

    (Putting on tin hat and running for the dug out ;))
  12. P*sspants.....is that you?
  13. That's novel. I thought they shagged their Toms after they got commissioned.
  14. Biscuits,

    you're bored aren't you!!