Leading Hand Fay Turney: My humble apologies...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by stuartlee, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. As a member of the RN I'd like to use your forum to apologise for the disgraceful behaviour of Fay Turney and the other members of the service who have sold out to the press.

    I have read some of the comments about the incident and yes, she is morbidly obese, an embarrassment to the Royal Navy, and just how the bloody hell does she manage to pass the BFT?

    Above all else I am disgusted that she is being financially rewarded for something that she should be hanging her head in shame over whilst real servicemen and women are being killed and maimed on a daily basis: Not out on the occasional jolly in a rubber boat whilst the rest of the time is spent scoffing doughnuts on a floating hotel.

    The only hope of redemption for her, and to retrieve the good name of the RN, is to donate all the money to a Service charity. The purpose of my post here, apart from apologising, is to perhaps stir up enough emotion to force her to hand over the dosh. You are a resourceful bunch, how do we start a campaign and get the ball rolling?

    I hang my head in shame.
  2. Odd thing for a Matelot to say?

    By member of the RN I presume you mean Radio News?
  3. I thought StuartLee did the wonderful Jerry Springer: The Opera?
  4. I've been in the RN for more than a few years and I've never done a BFT - done quite a few RNFTs though.

    Royal Navy or Random Newspapers?
  5. How about getting the familes of the 4 deceased soldiers to have a "meeting" live on McDonuts show. I think her money grabbing attitude would then be put under a bit of pressure.

    BTW there is no need to apologise for anything. At least the Officers in this debacle are redeeming their reputation with their recent behaviour.
  6. I suppose you'd think that we would stand for the three-card trick as well?

    The Mirror? Looking to run a 'spoiler' on the 'scum'?

    Good grief!
  7. Good first post fella - instant remorse, I like it! :lol:

    My overall assessment of Ms Turney is that she didn't realise the damage until after it was done (for a similar example look at Jade "Poppadum" Goody). That's still no excuse for being a doughnut scoffing cum bucket though. A few laps round the ship each day would do her no harm, obviously.

    I second the suggestion for the donation of her fee. I'm quite sure SSAFA would be very grateful, and it may help to cast her in a slightly (but only ever so slightly) better light.
  8. I definitely smell journo or wind-up merchant here guys.

    As mentioned by Maninblue, we do RNFT, not BFT,

    As mentioned by PTP, no matelot considers a T22 a "floating hotel",

    Conducting boarding-ops is not considered "the occasional jolly" and

    ref the title, her rate is Leading Seaman! She is indeed a leading hand, but that is not the title used before surnames....a matelot would know that.

    Edited to add....so fcuk off you trolling cnut!!!
  9. Sorry to single her out, I should also express my disgust at her male counterparts who have followed suit. Just because their interview fee is less doesn't make the crime more easy to stomach.
  10. Dont know who Stuartlee is but he ain't a matelot.
  11. That's very nice of you.

    Happy to tell you anything and everything mucker. PM me and we'll discuss my fee.
  12. I disagree to a certain extent. The press hung them all out to dry whilst they were away and thus i think they all deserve the right of reply in the press, IE the chance to defend their own names.

    They had to have permission to give the interviews and thus the shame is with their superiors. I think fair play to her for getting money out of it, if your offered that sort of money, i would say your stupid if you turn it down. Tonys goernment is hardly rewarding anyone for a job well done is it?

    I would ahve prefered to see a coordinated press release, but powers on high deemed otherwise and it is they who should be roasted, not "the 15".

    This is a "media war" and they have been a bunch on wnakers through this and there should be reprisals for their conduct though this whole affair!
  13. I know who Sarah Lee is...........talk about a tasty bit of stuff.
  14. Leading Hand Fay Turney instead of Killick Spec?
    BFT instead of RNFT?
    Type 22's are floating hotels?

    Fcuk off you troll.
  15. I thought she was an Acting Leading Seaman providing ballast for the RIBs so "Mr Bean" did not float away while listening to his £160 iPod left behind in Iran.....

    So do we assume the Royal Marines go aboard ships to inspect while the Royal Navy park the inflatable boats ? Is it true they get £25/day allowance for being at sea ?