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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Farmer, Aug 11, 2006.

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  1. I was gutted to hear that one of my mates failed his bpfa (yes i do pass, thank you). However, was fuming to hear that our troop staffy ripped him a new arrsehole when he has been a lazy biff for the last 10 years!
    If this was not bad enough this staffy regularly told bpfa failures and biffs they could not do sport/adventure training till they were FE (rightly so i hear you shout) but he is always swanning off sub aqua diving and taking troop sport!

    I agree my mate needs a ripping but lets have it from a senior who stands in a position to give it. He also just got the go ahead to go on tour to take over from 16 sigs.

    Your thoughts gentlemen if you please.
  2. I agree with you totaly

    sounds about right that some power crazed senior has to have the last word and as always they have their double standards.

    Tell the fat tw@ staffy to sort his life out or give me his name and il put him straight
  3. LOL

    Tough Guy.

    Let the powers that be deal with the Staffy for being a unfit rod, and tell your mate to get himself sorted out, then he wouldn't be in a position to drip about double standards.
  4. LOL

    Tough Guy.

    Let the powers that be deal with the Staffy for being a unfit rod, and tell your mate to get himself sorted out, then he wouldn't be in a position to drip about double standards.[/quote]

    Maybe i am the power that be :wink:
  5. Seems some are missing the point and one of the keystones of the military.
    The rank structure.
    Your "mate" shouldn't have failed such a basic test. Simple as. No if's and's but's or maybe's. It's not exactly hard these days.
    The staffy is doing what a staffy should do (granted in this case as far as you've said he can't pass one).

    If the boot were on the other foot in a few years and your "mate" was a troop Staffy and it was his job to ensure his troop all pass their bpfa's first time round, I'm sure he too would have something to say to some 'young' lad that failed such a basic and easy test.

    I am guessing here, but if this staffy can't pass one, there may or may not be a good reason why he does participate.
  6. I doubt it, your a hammers fan. Its strictly written into the MS guide not to promote hammers fans :wink:
  7. well its done me fine so far boney. I must have been to a few xmas raffles and i did realise i should start eating cereal for breakfast cos they keep falling out for many people.

    Like i said earlier DOUBLE STANDARDS. If you cant or wont participate in something then it doesnt give you the right to crucify someone that does.

  8. PASS THE CHUFFIN TEST, ITS NOT HARD once you get past this things get so much easier
  9. Well, Mr Bigshot, I must say that your SD is highly impressive.........
  10. Pretty bad admin really, on the surface it certainly appear to be hypocrisy. My boss in NI was medically downgraded with some dreamt-up back injury and didn't do a single session of PT in the entire tour. However, every few weeks he managed to get a duty warrant to go back to 21 Sigs for Corps badminton! How convenient that he hd a house near Bath huh?

    What do you mean 'these days'? It's definitely not any easier now than it was a decade ago. OK, going back 15 years or so ago, we wore boots but got an extra minute on the time. These days they have to do the same run but there's also the press-ups and sit-ups. I know a few gyms where the AIPTs (how they love to call themselves PTIs) let the lads get about 10 press-ups done then say crap like 'none of them count cos you didn't go all the way down' or some other egotistical nonsense. My...how they swell with pride, somehow compensating for their lack of trade skills.

    So let's acknowledge the simple fact that it's actually slightly harder than it was. We all know that the basic time for a PFT (under 30 yrs old) is still 10:30 but there are the added tests thrown in for good measure. It's easy for us old gits to slag off the youngsters but in this case I believe there's absolutely no evidence to answer whatsoever. Please correct me if you feel that I'm mistaken.


  11. Whilst per se I am not the best to comment on this test (as it is now), in fairness we shouldn't really be failing this test. However I have never understood the "Well if you don't pass you're not doing sport" argument. The chain of command should be actively encouraging those that fail their fitness tests to do more sport, I mean its physical fitness training just in a much more enjoyable guise.

    Also PT should be inclusive, I personally hate it, primarily because if you're not particularly good at running 5 miles you're instantly seen as a biff, too be honest it's bollocks. I would rather see a soldier finish an 8 mile tab or run in his/her own time than have him/her get in the jack wagon because he/she can't keep up. The whole jack wagon is so anti-team. And the satisfaction in finishing regardless of how long it took is a boost to the individual.

    I also hate the smug PTI who to be honest has little else to do all day than keep fit, trying to encourage you, they would be better off just staying silent and staying smug and let me crack on in my own personal hell.

  12. So when you and the rest of the section have reached your objective, fat lad / lass turns up 7 hours later. Fantastic idea you hat cnut.
  13. I totally agree. Not only is it a case of self satisfaction in finishing a run/tab, but you get nothing out of being beasted at someone else's pace, especially if you end up in the jack wagon!!
  14. Since the 'objective' at the end of a PT lesson is usually the gym, who cares when they finish, you thick para c*nt?
  15. Prick.