Leading cleric rails at injustice of Muslim bashing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jul 28, 2005.

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  1. Whilst i have to agree that their seems to be a general (althpugh not specific) trend of tarring them all with the same brush, this just fuels the flames even further! :roll:

    Rest of the article found below
  2. he has a point about TB being a liar. but other than that what a load of shiet.
  3. Why is it that Muslems and Islam as a whole are completely incapable of critisising their own religion? Everything is someone elses fault and 'not fair' for them. Islam used to be a progressive and forwards looking religion, but for reasons someone else can proberbly tell me about it has become scared of itself and even more scared of the rest of the world.
  4. That'll be all the females ones who can't read due to it being "non-Muslim" to teach women plus all the rest of them that are living in the 1500s then??
  5. Although I think he is talking out of his backside, even if the suspects were inocent passengers, why have they not come forward to clear themselves, even if they were arrested and found to be innocent a release would follow(!)

    I do not think that this being so high profile and with the police being under such scrutiny especially after last weeks shooting that they would release info on the suspects unless they were relatively certain that they were the guilty party. The arrest in Birmingham and the reported circumstances appear to have justified this.

    The objective point should not be missed that this is not an attack on Muslims, it is rather that the bombers and suspects are murderers who happen to be Muslim.
  6. Is that so?
    Then who was is that claimed responsibility for September 11th, the London bombings, and the vast majority of suicide bombings around the world? :roll:
  7. Steven wrote,


    Two weeks ago I said I don't tar all Muslims with the same brush. Now my /Muslim tarring brush isn't wide enough and my evil/contrary/illogical/unreasonable/not decent/not law abiding pot of tar is empty.

    I´m off to B&Q. Blair hasn´t woken up or he or his ministers would be taking these poisonous bastards on-head on, if only verbally.

    `Peace in our time` eh Tony?
  8. There is a real issue here.

    There are some in the Islamic community who seem to think that these attacks are designed to undermine opinion against Muslims and are an evil Jewish/CIA/mickey mouse plot.

    It is very worrying that a supposed "intelligent" religous leader has these barking views. If their leaders think this ^*% then we are in for trouble.
  9. And who encouraged them to think this way?

    Nice one multiculturalism
  10. Did you see the programe (1of3) The new Al Qaeda, Monday 2100hrs
    If you wernt against these people you are after watching this.
    Muslim clerics openly shouting for more beheadings, muslim buisneses over here letting Al Qaeda films showing our lads getting bombed by suicide bombers and beheadings on there web sites.
    There is another two programes to air. See what you think
  11. This is almost one and the same in Islam.
  12. Why are we still dicking around with muslims ? this is a senior muslim cleric that is saying "up yours infidel we don't give a stuff and we're not taking any notice of you"

    As far is I'm concerned every muslim is now a terrorist or terrorist supporter, there is not one single muslim I would trust anywhere.
  13. Right, so you have only come to do this conclusion now?
    You kill me Armourer, you seriously do. :lol:
  14. I'm trying, believe me I'm trying :lol:
  15. any religion that has the prospect of more than one wife and no booze has got to be sus