Leadership of the War on Terror?

Is the Celestial Navigator steering us on a good course?

  • Eranu! The Dear Leader stands at the helm, eyes fixed on the horizon.

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How do we think things are "going"? (whatever "going" means)

Do we have a firm hand on the wheel of HMS Britannia as she sails through these uncertain times? Or does the Emperor truly have no clothes? (just to completely mix metaphors)

We have had Bliar saying "business as usual" before he (and Inspector Clouseau) disappear on their hols. Now he is uttering "the rules have changed" as if this is some sort of game (as it probably is if you spend your life under armed guard).

There was going to be no "knee jerk" reaction and then we heard that new laws were going to be brought in - as if there were not enough laws about conspiring to murder, incitement ot racial or religious hatred and so on.

Now we hear that a 7 centuries old law that has not been used in half a century is going to be dusted off. Hmmm...wonder how that will survive contact with ECHR (some parts of which cannot be derogated from in any circumstances).

Meanwhile, while Inspector Clouseau is away, his disgraced predecessor pops up to say "I'm back!" The rather unpleasant Home Office minister who has been left behind responds that she is in charge. The bearded satyr then responds that he is helping fat Prezza as well, presenting a genuine dilemma - is this better or worse? So there is a turf war going on in the true Third Reich divide-and-rule style!

The latest wheeze is to change the racial identity boxes on the census form (and other documentation) because, as we all know, simply changing the name ("New Labour" so why not "New Muslim"!) will make everything better!

This pantomime is being played out against a very interesting backdrop. There is a clear demonstration of the priorities of law and order that this government has. Protestors campaigning against the restriction of free speech are being rounded up in Parliament Square (yes, they're probably soap-dodgers but it may be you and I next) under supposed serious and organised crime legislation.

Also, some politicians are revising their stance on Iraq with glacial speed. At this rate we might get Straw to admit they may have got it wrong in time for the 50th anniversary of the "liberation" of Baghdad.

And to cap it all, the elephant in the room is the 500,000 - 1million persons in this country that HMG didn't know about until after the election. There may or may not be a potential threat, but if we all close our eyes and pretend it will be OK, then it will be! Won't it? Well, there's 4 or 5 years until the next election so maybe people might have forgotten by then.

The question is - do this shower have a clue?
In my humble opinion, The "leadership" thus far displayed by Blair and Co (To use your nautical metaphors) is akin to HMS Britannia being adrift, out of control, rudderless and Leaderless...the crew are willing, but the Captain is busy sunning himself on the appropiately named 'poop deck'.

I am truly aghast at the lack of any real Govermental leadership, ideas or solutions to the current crisis...and it is a crisis.
The silence from this Government has been deafening.
Bliar tells us to carry on as normal, they will not change our way of life.

Yes they will. In the heady days of IRA bombings, suicide bombers were accidental bombers. Nobody was twitched when they heard Shamus the navvy whistling ‘Wild Colonial Boy’ and swinging an old AGR bag with his lunch in it. Today’s terror has a different flavour. Snippet valves are twitching and with good reason.

Easy for Bliar to say 'carry on as normal'. See you in the tube then Tony, leave your protection behind. Contrast HM and HRH riding in an open top Range Rover three days after the tube bombings and HM in the wide open at the palace gates for the silence.

Blair reminds me of Captain Stransky in Cross of Iron. A stuffed shirt with no substance or courage, cowering at distant explosions. Unfortunately no cabinet minister reminds me of Sergeant Steiner.
There's an obvious conflict of perception here. While Phoney Tony and the rest of the clowns are mainly concerned with cooking up publicity stunts that make them look good and earn them Brownie points, the rest of us are worried about getting blasted to shites when all we've done is got on the wrong bus/train/Tube or wandered into the wrong shopping mall at the wrong time.

In reality, Phoney Tony regards anyone who's of no use to him as an inconvenience. Because he's never had any interest at all in us ordinary Josephines and Joes, it's also untrue to say he's lost touch with the population. You can't lose something you've never had.
Due to the indifference and/or incompetence of the government, any solutions they come up with are, by definition, going to be essentially unrealistic and unusable.

I love the way Phoney puts on his earnest face when he's pretending to listen to folks. Then he draws a deep breath and utters an oscar-worthy "I hear you", before turning round and muttering "But I don't give a f**k! We should recognise this wnacker for what he is!

I'm sorry i can't vote as i have a fence firmly wedged up my arse 8O :D

I would have prefered a third option along hte lines of

3. We are muddling on, but only because of the hardwork of the forces/security services and police (Oh yeah and Blair is still ladybits)
If a nautical analogy is required - surely George Bush as Vice-Admiral Tryon in Victoria, and Tony Blair as Rear Admiral Markham in Camperdown ?.

Trying to impress, persevering in spite of criticism, blind faith .... much loss of life but Bush would go down by his own efforts.

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