Leadership - is there any?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MrTracey, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. Who is the new Maj Gen of the TA, Reserves, Cadets etc - since the DofW left, has anyone else taken over?

    If so, who is it?

    More importantly, where is he/she?

    I may have missed something but to date, I've heard neither hide nor hair of the person - what are they doing?

    Please tell me that they are heavily involved in managing the future of the TA - perhaps they have a hand in TA 100 (hah), or mobilisation levels, extra training, restoring the TA budget, improving retention, improving the knowledge and understanding of the TA in Society and the Army or even, adding value to the TA experience.

    Please don't tell me that they have sunk into the regularised MOD portal and forgotten where they came from....?

    Either way, he's not been 'round to our gaff - has he been to yours?

    Leadership - is there any?
  2. Just looked it up on google coz i had no idea that there had been a change, it appears that the succesor of the DofW is Major General Simon Lalor (late Honourable Artillery Company).

    Other than that i havnt a clue
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    A decent bloke, he attended our presentation of medals for soldiers returning from Telic and Herrick 4 (laid on courtesy of the Mayor of Kensington & Chelsea).

    Took the time to chat to the soldiers, and listen to their comments/complaints.

    Whether anything will come of it, only time will tell.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    I would imagine he is fairly busy at work: http://www.britamdefence.com/ , http://www.the-dma.org.uk/dtig/profiles/Britam%20Defence%20Ltd%20Profile.htm

    Either way, haven't ever seen him, apart from on TAQ, which has now become TAB.


    My old friend Major-General Simon Lalor, who I am glad to say is a member of the Honourable Artillery Company, is doing a first-class job more recently. The job is not a part-time one, although I have to say that I think that in theory it is. The experience of Simon Lalor and indeed of the Duke of Westminster, however, is that it is pretty much a full-time job, and I thank them for their commitment to it and welcome they efforts that they made.

  5. 'my old friend'

    No doubt he got there on his merits.

    Well, if he's full time - maybe he should get out a little more.
  6. Thanks - found him


    maybe I should be an adult instructor?
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Or get him to attend the presentation or parade when your unit return from mobilisation. He was very keen to attend ours to acknowledge the efforts and sacrifices the blokes made.

    Or alternatively, just sit on the internet gobbing off and moaning about how hard done by you are because he has not come to visit you yet.

    Edited to reflect unit mobilisation rather than individual, for obvious reasons.
  8. Personally I'm more concerned with the tactical level leadership which needs to be shown at Squadron and Regimental Level rather than which chod is the notional head of the TA this week.

    Although it's already been pointed out that I'm in a grumpy mood this morning.
  9. Duke, I detect a hardening of you opinions on Arrse, have we all upset you? Mr Tracey raised a point that few had heard of him or seen any impact he has made. In Mr Tracey's defence I've yet to see an article on Armynet or elsewhere from the General. I see he's been to see your unit and that was part of MrTracey's original question. However I'm sure there must be more to his role than presenting medals, however valuable that is. As stated leadership is required where is the direction where are we going and what do we need to aim for both in the short term and the future.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    I think that what is expected of the TA is very clear - support the regular army on enduring ops. We need to aim to recruit and train junior soldiers and NCOs to fill the shortfall in our regular counterparts. Realistically, this is likely to be the case for at least 5 years, probably 10 years or more. I also know that it is an unpopular concept among many posters on here.

    Sadly, those same posters (including Mr T) seem to be the ones who complain most about the most trivial things. Look at the threads running:

    Why hasn't this important man been to look at my drafty TA centre?

    What are we going to do to celebrate 100 years of the TA (cue moans about Location, parade, trains, planes etc).

    Why do I not get £2,000 to spend on uniforms that I may wear once or twice per year for the very short time that the average officer spends in the TA?

    My opinions remain unchanged. My tolerance of people who do little but complain about the most trivial aspects of life within the TA, but still keep attending to draw their pay and bounty has diminished.
  11. I take it you have a diminished tolerance of your own soldiers now?

    Just because people post on threads that are not on the main effort of the TA does not mean that they are 'doing little' else.

    The question of leadership is an extremely valid one in a TA which has greater demands put upon it than at any time in the last 60 years, is used as a political football and sticking plaster by MOD, LAND etc. and where recruiting, retention and morale are widespread issues.
  12. My response would be, that whilst the TA is reserve of choice, it isn't supported for that and that issue should be something our General should be attending to. More so as this looks like continuing for the long term indeed without radical changes and improvements for the TA we won't be able to provide that vital support.

    Why has this important man not done something about my drafty TA centre?

    It would be nice to know what is happening for TA100, even if it is just nothing.

    Service dress, hmm can't argue with you there although I do think it should be issued (which may come) as for Mess kit, well SNCo's get bugger all towards it so why should we.

    As for ongoing issues with our fellows on here, this is the very medium for those whinges, but we can't deny that there are problems and if things don't look up soon, the TA, or at least the CSS side may fade away completely. Without access to ranges, SAA, PTIs and all the other day to day trg requirements there are no trained Toms, therefore no support for enduring ops. We are told that without good numbers your TA centre will close (need new houses) but at the same time we have equipment withdrawn and not replaced, our keenist soldiers go on ops and take thier Mil quals with them, leaving no one to continue trg, we apply to send guys on the courses to relace the ones on ops and the course is cancelled. The TA is much like farming, we grow new toms for the regulars, however without fallow years we burn out the soil and eventually nothing grows and we have a dust bowl. we could and need to introduce nitrogen, however all we get is the wrong type of fertilizer.

    Lets hope someone up above is ready to push for improvements, I hope I don't look back at TA100 and realise that it was 100 and out.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    No, the comments and complaints were from soldiers who had not long returned from Ops, and were centered on issues concerning mobilisation, employer support etc. In other words, miles away from the inane drivel about visits, trains and uniforms. I have nothing but respect for the vast majority of my soldiers. Some, I have a reduced tolerance for.


    I agree that there are problems, but I do not agree with the priorities some people seem to apply. I believe that all of our time and efforts should be directed towards high quality training for the soldiers in order to prepare them for role and which are in themselves retention positive.

    Within this I include all of the comments about range time, SAA, PTI etc. I find your comments about access to ranges and courses interesting. We never seem to have problems accessing ranges and ammunition, and getting people onto courses. Is it the training centre that causes the problems, or the system of booking at the unit? Not an accusation, but an honest enquiry.

    For my money, sack TA 100 and all of its associated waste of money and MTDs. Use the budget for a dedicated courses camp, run by specialist instructors. This would allow any TA unit to send their soldiers to a central point and get them trained in SAA, PTI, CBRN etc (think SC but for trained soldiers).

    To my mind, that is the best way to spend the money which is being wasted on TA 100.
  14. Duke,

    Thats not a bad idea, in fact I would go so far as to say that it should be happening every year, a combined trg camp. These could be run in locations across the country and would allow troops to do one or more courses over one or two weeks.

    When do you take over as General TA?
  15. msr

    msr LE

    But they already are - go and ask your SPSI for his big red book: Loads of training courses, running throughout the year in various locations around the country, just for the TA!

    But we are digressing from Leadership.