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Leadership In War


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Leadership In War - A superb examination of political and military leadership during wartime

Correlli Barnett’s Leadership In War has been out for a few years now (it was first published in 2012 and then again as a revised edition in 2014). It examines national leaders, both political and military, across a number of wars and is not shy of criticising or praising its subjects.

The author has covered a number of leaders from Napoleon Bonaparte to Winston Churchill and each subject area is covered in a short essay which frequently interlinked. The book is broken into three...

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In a 1996 interview, Barnett stated his belief that Britain's future lay with a form of federated Europe, including the adoption of the European single currency. He criticised Eurosceptics as "emotional idealists nostalgic for a lost past".

This is unlikely to endear him to most on here!

However he does like Maggie (mind you he must be in his 90s now) and hates Blair:

"Ever since the war we had lived in a form of state socialism with tremendous controls and regulations over economic and social life. I can remember when you couldn't even buy a house abroad without special permission from the Bank of England. People who think the pre-Thatcher years were a golden age really didn't live through them: just ask anyone who rode on the clapped-out railways or tried to make a telephone call when the Post Office ran the phones. When she came to power she transformed the country. The moribund industries relying on taxpayer funding - all gone. The trade unions - all gone. She abolished exchange controls, completely liquidated the state sector of industry and threw the economy wide open. It's certainly true that she was so powerful a person that cabinet government in the collegiate sense began to diminish. More and more they were like a collection of staff officers around the general. Blair has taken that further and deliberately adopted a presidential style in every possible way. The main difference was that she had genuine feeling, conviction and leadership. In my view, during the last eight years, Blair has proved a very plausible conman who promises much but hasn't achieved it."

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