Leadership Gifts of Tony Bliar

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Apr 18, 2004.

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  1. Yes, the Great Helmsman has his hand firmly on the national rudder, leading us to a glorious destiny

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  2. No, Bliar is a lying toe-rag not worthy of licking the crap-covered boots of the most lowly new recr

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  1. Bliar is touted as a great statesman and leader. I think the opposite is true. The foundation of leadership is trust and the first principle of trust is truth.

    Bliar constantly exaggerates and lies to get his way, hates devolving responsibility to others, locks himself in a self-selecting clique telling him what he wants to hear, and he refuses to listen to other opinions, believing himself to be infallible. He tells others what they want to hear to avoid arguments - telling Dubya and Chirac/Schroeder differeint things regarding Iraq.

    Books will be written on this subject when the nation finally sees through this charlatan!
  2. I seen through this 'charlatan' years ago. Most of his election promises before Labour, sorry, New labour came to power were all bolllocks. His biggest lie was on taxes. BUT, who would you like in power instead? All the political partys are the same. Show me one which will come to power, reduces taxes, improves services, reduce crime and make this nation smile again?
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Can we get Ian Douglas Smith please ?
  4. Kel

    Kel Old-Salt

    Who's that then? I've heard of Ian Duncan Smith before, some relation perhaps?
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    mmm - Tony doesn't seem to be doing too well in this Poll does he. Shame that he will still win the next election.
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Please tell me that this is a wah.
  7. I'd prefer someone who is not a lying cnut, and who wasn't trying to give this once-great country to the Frogs and Boxheads purely as a bargaining counter, in order that he may become the president of the e.u.
    ......and he's got a very ugly wife!

  8. Chimera wrote: "mmm - Tony doesn't seem to be doing too well in this Poll does he. Shame that he will still win the next election."

    True. However:

    1. Labour have a majority of 160+ . When this is slashed, as it will be, the position of the leader will be precarious.

    2. The Labour MPs that lose their seats will be mainly Bliar loyalists. The remaining awkward squad MPs are likely to push for a leadership election, or even support a confidence motion in the Commons. Even if Bliar wins a confidence motion or leadership challenge, his position is shaky.

    3. Labour are likely to win overall in the UK, with Scottish and Welsh votes. However, in England, they are likely to be eclipsed by the Tories. This in itself means little, but will add to the furore surruonding Bliar's position.

    4. Bliar might not even get to the next election. He has about-turned on the issue of a European consititution referendum. If he invests substantial political capital in this and loses, he will have to resign to retain a shred of credibility.

    5. Remember, when Dubya is kicked out this autumn, Bliar has a lot to fear. Not from John Kerry, but from Dubya's post-defeat ramblings of justification for the Iraq war.

    There is light at the tunnel's end!!! :D
  9. I have to say that I am an unashamed fan of TB, although I think he he is poorly supported by some very dodgy Ministers (and John Prescott).

    Under his leadership, we have deployed on a series of exciting foreign adventures; raised the profile of the UK immeasurably; become a leading player in Europe (against the wishes of the French, who are now touting our support); become actively enagaged in environmental issues, and a whole lot more. Defence spending has increased year on year - the old adage that Labour is bad for defence is a load of tosh. Al the bad procurement decisions of the last decade were made by Tory governments.

    If you don't believe this, that's ok, because we live in a democracy, and all views are to be encouraged. But, remember what it was like with the last Tory governments. Sleaze, sleaze and more sleaze. Betrayal at every level, including stitching up good old Maggie.

    My only concern with this government is the way that certain elements automatically turn to 'The Big Book of Lies' when responding to public concerns. Let's try leveling with the Great British Public for once, eh? Even if most of them get their views from The Sun... :D

    Finally, so what if TB is going to put the EU Constitution to the public? It's a big deal, and we should get a say. I think that TB deserves a pat on the back for being honest enough to raise the issue.

    Mind you - it would be nice if he kept a little distance from Dubya, but he's doing a grand job of negotiating between Europe and the US; globalisation and social reality.

    I will now accept incoming fire... :D
  10. Until 1940 a lot (even most) people thought WSC was a washed-up old knobber who had fcked up too often for anyone to take his rhetoric seriously...
  11. The danger is that the Dear Leader (may the heavens shine upon his tribe) may be dislodged and Labour then win the next election. The Thieving Scot will probably become leader, and things will rapidly become even worse than they are now.

    Now, moving on to TSW's defence of the Liar in Chief:

    Yes, we have been on a series of overseas adventures. Shame about not having the right kit at the right time though

    Yes, the Dear Leader has raised the UK's profile; unfortunately this has mostly been with Islamic fanatics.

    We may have become involved in environmental issues (has Bliar criticised Dubya for being the world's greatest polluter, and failing to sign up to the Kyoto Agreement - no), but Labour have also allowed building on many greenfield sites, and have tried to ban hunting in addition to failing to support rural areas.

    Defence spending has indeed increased - mostly on paying for ever more MoD civil servants, and paying inflated prices because of the 'just in time' policy. Overall the military has been cut, and we are now more extended than ever whilst worse off than ever before in manpower terms.

    The Conservatives don't have a monopoly on sleaze - witness the various doings of the pansy Mandelson, Two Jags/Four Houses Prescott, the conman the Bliars engaged to purchase flats, the agriculture minister caught with pants down in some gay haunt etc., etc.

    You forgot to mention crime (more policemen, but also much more paperwork, and an increase in violent crime), education, health, and immigration, all areas where the unsavoury bunch in power have****ed up.

    Not to mention appeasement of terrorists in NI, the puppy like following of the depilated simian lunatic in the White House, disrespect for the Crown (he turned up for dinner with HMQ in a ready-tied bow tie), and a far too PC attitude.

    And his wife is ugly.

    I fear you will stand alone in your adoration of the Great Helmsman.....
  12. LOL...nice post! :D

    I don't suggest for a minute that TB is an omnipotent wunderkind - he is only human, after all (no, it's true!)

    You raise a very good point - what if Labour win the next election without TB? The mind shrivels away from such horror! Such a terrifying event will only be eclipsed by a Tory win with Howard the Vampire at the helm. Or the Lib Dems!!! (Cue screams and shouts of 'Boo!')

    Britain is in much better shape today than she was a decade ago, and this trend looks set to continue.

    And the point about the lack of kit. When have we ever had enough kit? This goes back to my earlier point about crappy Ministers (The Hoon) not supporting TB.

    This thread is about evaluating TB - not a general anti-government slagging. As we know, the only viable form of government is a military dictatorship. :D
  13. Have you reviewed the recent ramblings of Buffoon? If he gets his way, what you have just stated is blown away! Binning 4 regiments, (3 scottish!) and mothballing 2 carriers and to boot the possibility of scrapping the Centre for Defence Medicine!

    You are a keen fan of TB (praise be his name!) as you are spouting the same shiit as he does, blame the Tories for everything.They were in before us!

    Best Socialist is a dead un! :twisted:
  14. I'm hardly a socialist. I'm about as socialist as Attila the Hun! See my post above (I accept that you didn't see it before you posted! :D )
  15. Seems we were both hard at it, so to speak!

    Sorry take back my jaunt about being a Socialist! :oops: