Leadership exercises/Quick Decision Exercises

Hi All,

I've been jiffed to organise about 10 of these things, and although I've done loads in the past, I can't remember the details of the serials.

So I'm asking all you training wing gurus for your help, as the Aussie army doesn't seem to have the equivalent depth of knowledge at the Regimental level.

Any assistance or inspiration would be greatly appreciated,

Phoney minefield with Elsies and a scenario of rampaging West Side Boys with machetes coming at you. Do you probe methodically for mines or do you take the risk and accept losses legging it across the minefield?
This is going to sound stupid but!!
google Air Training Corps resources and look at some of their resource areas, they do a lot of leadership training exercise, normal routine get this dead body over the river etc etc 2175 sqdn seem to have some

At least it will give you the basis to work on and make them a bit more grown up!

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