Leadership. Can it be taught?

This question has been buzzing around my head for the last few months after a discussion with a particularly arogant orifice.

Can you teach leadership or is it inherent? Are we born with it?

Edited because I'm a biff.
I think it's a bit of both. I've met plenty of people who, at first, you wouldn't have followed out of a burning building, but after a while, and some coaching/ lessons etc they've come through as good NCO's...But, I have also seen people remain a mong no metter how much "help" you give them.
My idea is that the ability to lead could be just a character aspect; in certain people it needs a bit of help, and in some people its not there at all.

I have no experience of matters like this, but I think that it is possible to teach leadership to certian types of people, but others just cannot grasp the basics. It takes a certian type of person to be a leader and some people just need a little push in the right direction to realise that they are that type of person.
Well I'd tend to agree with the "they have it, just need a little push" bit, but what about someone who has no concept of leadership. Can they be taught?

I. personally, believe that it is something social up-bringing, parental guidance, social incluclusion and, most of all, inheritance which has the major impact on wiether you will evolve into a leader or not.
I think it's down to the individual!

A good senior will always make sure that his junior is fed, watered and clothed before he goes anywhere near the range stew and will always listen and give advice. Will never demand anything he himself cannot achieve and will lead from the front!

Leadership can only be learnt from a good leader and I thank those who, mostly, have been an excellent example to me!
I've seen guys who , right from training, had that special quality, but I have also seen people who have developed into good leaders. If you are the victim of bad leadership I think you are less likely to develop.
Absolutely, it can be taught; the vast majority of us have leadership qualities (admittedly we can't all be Field Marshall Slim) but we can all improve whatever natural ability we have with regular and directed training. The difficulty comes when people think that they can't be taught anything because they have some sort of God-given talent.
Yes but the question still remains. I understand that leadership can be developed but is it something that can be taught from scratch?
I imagine it can be taught, but the student needs to be very receptive to it. Maybe it's just as much about being a good learner and a good people person.

I've learnt a great deal about what is good in a leader by meet those who fail in some aspects. I only hope those below me who watch me occasionally fall flat think "I'm not going to make that mistake!" rather than copying me!
I don't think it can be taught from scratch its something people seem to pick up through training by observing how their NCOs do it but some people are just naturals. Confidence though has to be the main part though if you can build up people confidence in themselves they can go on to become good NCOs or Officers.
You can teach anyone the principles of leadership, however their correct application is an entirley different matter. The successful application of these principles relies heavily on other positive traits within the individuals character, that is why a poor leader can still be a good manager. I am a firm believer that:

A leader drives change, whereas a manager provides continuity.

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