Leaders urge sanctions for Israel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pp0470, Dec 10, 2010.

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    (New topic posted to avoid hijacking the Palestinian State thread)
  2. ...and these same people have called for sanctions against the palestinians, whose only export is terrorism ?
  3. The thread title is a tad misleading don't you think?
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Exporting is the only thing they can do - everything they once had is now occupied by hostile Israelis hell-bent on annexing all the land that once belonged to the Palestinians.

    The U.S. has stood by and prevaricated at every step of the annexation process for 60 years, having 'dialogues', 'suggesting change' etc etc etc, all the while keeping Israel armed to the teeth and with multi-billion dollar aid budgets. Pretty soon, when the annexation is complete and the remaining Palestinians are surrounded by hostile settlements, they won't be able to do anything, least of all trade or export anything. The screw will eventually tighten until the Jewish version of the final solution takes effect (albeit less deadly than Hitler's): The slow, weary, miserable exodus of the Palestinians to other lands to avoid the oppression in lands that are forever 'occupied'.
  5. Wow! With that powerhouse of "leadership" against them, and the likelihood of the EU, or UN, doing anything practical, I'll bet that the Israelis are quaking in their boots.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Wait one . . . . yep, just seen a wikileaks leak in which the US Ambassador to Israel told the Israeli PM "Who said what? Tell them Yooropeans to jump in a lake."

    It's just been reported in the Telegraph that the Israeli PM has just to the EU High Representative that although they respect the EU, this is an internal matter for Israeli security, and suggests that they jump in a lake.
  7. You posted this bollocks on another thread,
    A they are not leaders.
    B, they are not all part of the EU.
    C, The 10 that were prime ministers no longer are because the voters thought they were a bunch of *****, so basically 26 people with very little (if any) power out of 400 million plus have a viewpoint about Israel which they kept quiet when they were in power.
  8. A. Check the definition of 'leaders' and you will find that they are - 1st post clarifys that they are former heads of state,including 10 former prime ministers.

    B. No they are not all part of EU, so it is within the EU, and beyond, that is calling for sanctions. Great!

    C. Do you really think that only 26 people out of 400 million find Israels actions abhorent? Think again.

    I guess they 'kept quiet' whilst negotiations were on going. Notice the timing of their statement? A few days after the USA announced it was giving up on its efforts to persued Israel to stop expanding settlements.

  9. Well, if the arabs had accepted the land proposals in 1947 rather than saying 'Nah, lets try and drive all the yids into the sea and have it all', they might get a tad more sympathy.


    Talk about snatching defeat
  10. Leaders my ****ing arse, The ex-mayor of London could be classed as a leader doesnt mean he is.
    Its not the EU or countries beyond calling for sanctions, its a bunch of nobodies calling for sanctions.
    I don't see many other people including the current so called leaders calling for sanctions, mainly because no one gives a shit about the palestinians.
  11. You're right, sadly there are more than 26 apologists for palestinian/muslim terror.

    ...and hopefully this will be the map of Israel soon.


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  12. The Jewish settlement that the Yanks were trying to `Stop`is actually full of American Jews straight out of the good ol´USA,virtually none of the 10,000 new settlers speak yiddish and have moved to Israel after losing their homes in the USA.One of the cheeky cnuts who was busy stealing his neighbours property said that the ground belongs to him and his family because GOD gave it to them!

    Clever bastards those Jews of 5 thousand or so years ago who decided that they´d write a land theft scam that´s still in use even after they´d left the place for a few millenium,Honey we´re back!!!
  13. Why is that? Do you want to keep America pure and untainted? Are you worried you'll catch 'Jew'?
  14. Watch out or they'll set the sharks on us
  15. Ottar,

    You cant "catch" Jew, it is genetic, like Welsh or ginger.