Leader of the Free World

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pluvia_Plumbum, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. Paul Gadd, AKA Gary Glitter will be free to come and live in your street any day now.

    Paeodo free soon

    Personally I would like to see torture used as a legitimate punishment rather than locking up child molesters. :twisted:

  2. B0llocks removed for that man, problem solved.
    Preferably using two house bricks.
    Then shove the two bricks up his arrse and the b0llocks in his mouth.
  3. Sit him on a sharpend panghi stake where his own body weight will slowly impale him and when it's in a foot or two bend down and ask him 'there, there, that doesn't hurt does it little Gary?'
  4. I've actually met the cnut. About 3 years before the truth came out the missus, who was then just the female interest, was over in the UK and I took her to the pub by the church in Stoke Gabriel coz it's a nice walk down the back lanes from Paignton ( recommend that to anyone down for a bit of R&R down the Bay...there's an A1 cider farm on the way!!!). Sitting outside having a cooling ale and who should come round the corner but vileness personified. At that time, of course all he was known for was Wanna be in My gang ( oh, how telling with insight), so it was Hi Gary...Hi there mate, as he walked past. Course the missus had no idea who he was, so I had to explain that he was some sort of 70s glam rock hero. Imagine her face a few years later when I showed her the reports. Her face in relation to that day was also a little distorted when she found out that an outboard motor was not in fact a piece of equipment for boring large holes in trees....they don't have alot of sea down where she comes from!!!!
  5. Reckon chop his bollox off and then sew them onto his earlobes.
  6. Just throw him in a pit with a few of these... they come from the part of the world where he and his ilk tend to gravitate to. [​IMG]
  7. Erm............... what was it he actualy did wrong :wink:
  8. He keeps breathing
  9. I really quite like my previous idea.... anyone up for a bit of " extraordinary rendition" when he gets out. There may be sponsorship deals too...