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I'd like to hear any advice, thoughts or reviews anyone here has on the Army's "Lead First" program. From my understanding eligible candidates do the 8 week reserve officer course at RMAS and go on to serve a year full time with a reserve unit somewhere in the UK.

Bit of background about myself:

Currently a final year undergrad, secured a job offer for after university with a company I like, that encourages taking time off after finishing uni before starting the job. I've always wanted to join the Army, but feel that this job offer is too good to turn down in terms of salary/future prospects. I'd like to get some military experience in before hand (I've got a year after I graduate) and am looking at joining the reserves as a way to do that. I've also had a look at RMR, 4PARA and some other regiments (as a reserve soldier) where I've heard the time commitment can be quite high, so I would get closer to that full-time experience I'm looking for.

Any advice is welcome! I'm open to hear any suggestions to how I might go about getting in as much experience as I can bearing in mind I only have a year.

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Initially you need to get through the basic training element before you will be doing any specialist courses. For example SAS Reserves takes around 11 months of Wednesday evenings, every other weekend and a camp to just pop out ready to do specialist courses - unless specialist courses have already been completed during regular or other reserve service.

Then 4 Para - lifted from the wiki page:

The level of fitness required for joining 4 Para is far higher than the level mandated for other Army Reserve Infantry units and 4 Para conduct their own recruit training programme independent of Regional Training Centres.

The 2 week Army Reserve Combat Infantry Course (CIC) for 4 Para is run by the P Coy staff at ITC Catterick. These high standards are carried on once in Battalion, and are maintained by the regular staff posted there for that purpose.

Training evenings (Tuesday night, Wednesday for Nottingham) will usually include a combination of fitness, military skills and admin. One or two weekend exercises per months of ranges, tactics, military skills etc. (9 weekends maximum) before TSC Alpha. Advanced skills in TSC Bravo takes place before P Company and Parachute training. Annual camps (one per year, 2 weeks duration) are for longer exercises, parachuting and more advanced range work.

Me again:

It takes a regular soldier six months to a year, longer in some cases, to be ready for productive employment - reserves it can take 2 or three years to be fully coursed up. To be honest if you want a year full-time then go and do the 8 week course etc.
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Hey! What are the eligibility requirements for the scheme?
Hey! What are the eligibility requirements for the scheme?
In what context? Nationality? Age? Education? I have just typed "lead first" into google and suprisingly an army.mod.uk page popped up. Equally suprisingly, it described the scheme.

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