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Discussion in 'REME' started by DEME-eh?, May 7, 2009.

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  1. Craftsman Magazine May 2009, Page 197, bottom right photograph.

    Who, in their right mind, poses for a photograph directly underneath an ISO container that is suspended 20 foot overhead!

    I would love to know whose idea it was to actually conduct a briefing in such a dangerous location; take a photograph as evidence; and then think it is a good idea to publish it!

    What an advertisement for the management of Health and Safety in a Corps of professional engineers.
  2. Whatever next? Soldiers being shot at? Bet you're a right laugh on the pish.
  3. But you are not the Corps of professional engineers, that would be the Royal Engineers, you are Kwik fit engineers :D
  4. As it is DEME(A) stood under the container perhaps you have answered your own questions.

    If you're that upset why don't you give him a bell and let him know, better still just ring him up and 'COCK!' him.
  5. Maybe they didn't have enough time to rustle up a quick swarfega jibbing ?
  6. Whatever slagging I may incur from the masses here f*ck it but the big fella and his cronies should know better!!

    No matter if you think your 'old school' and Health and Safety is a load of bo**ox the fact is he is the head of our Corps and is showing blatant disregard. A nice picture it paints of our Corps!!

    As for phoning him up and telling him....well if his sidekick didn't have the gonads to tell him then I certainly aint....I like my gonads where they are thank you.
  7. Wow. All we need now is for someone to spot a cadet smoking in the background and the outrage bus really will be racing along.
  8. Ah sarcasm I love it.....however as you well know it would not only be wrong for the cadet to be smoking in the background it would be illegal to sell the said ciggie to the cadet as they would be under 18yrs old.

    The outrage bus is rolling along well...it will be in full swing when later today Sky News reports that in fact a cadet was caught smoking in an ISO container!!

    His punishment is published on page 197 of the most recent Cfn Mag.
  9. What being made to talk to DEME(A)? Anyone know who he borrowed the dessies from? They are not his if the pic of him the month before in Mess dress is anything to go by.
  10. He got his cronies to stitch a few sets together!
  11. Should rename the crafty mag to the DEME(A) mag.

    12 pictures of him in this months.

    Is the editor after something?
  12. Well the slabs must be piling up in DEME(A) then...
  13. this website is a disgrace, dont u know who i am, if i bloody well to want to stand under a suspended iso, then i bloody will what,
    p.s) put some spillsorb over that oil slip, someone may slip on it.
  14. Dont blame the Ed blame the creepy slimey arses who do the Cfn Articles......lets face it which OC is not gonna put a pic in if the big fella pays his Unit a visit......gauranteed face time!
  15. As long as he signed the before use register it was all alright.

    Before use registers out rank both gravity and basic common sense........