LE vs NRPS/ACF/Civvy Street

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by mastergnr, May 16, 2006.

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  1. It has become apparent over the past six months or so that LE Officers have been leaving in droves. I have a fair idea as to why these very experienced soldiers are leaving. Here are a few questions that maybe some of our esteemed members may be able to answer (PERSEC adhered to):

    1. Why?
    2. If this is a major problem has it been identified by RA MCM DIV, HQRA etc?
    3. If the problem has been identified, is there a plan to remedy that problem?

    I would be interested to hear from both sides of the fence.........
  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Sad to hear, I heard a guy who was in training with me and commisioned is leaving to a WO2 NRPS post, probably a lot to do with pensions me thinks 8O
  3. I think the introduction of the new pension might have something to do with it. A lot of us looked at that piece of paper (whatever colour it was) and thought "How much?! I can do something with that..."!

    I also think that a degree of realism (fatalism?) is setting in. A lot of LEs are being stiffed with constant op tours and little sign of any let up in the next five years. Darfur anyone? And if you now want your majority, there is the requirement for "only" 40 hours of private study on MK2. And after that, what are your chances of pinking? With a resurgent DE cohort and the endless cutting of Lt Col slots, none too good at the moment, and it gets even worse a few years down the line.

    So, you look around and see what is on offer outside.... and there are plenty of jobs. A colleague registered with the local agency was being offered a job a week during his last six months - at salaries around his current level - with a company car. Add the pension and he is quids in.

    The Sandpit, 'Stan, ATRA, MK2 or a nice middle management job with a local company and home in time for tea?



    PS. He jumped!
  4. As I understand it, if you take an LE Commission you can stay on the old pension scheme if you have opted to do so as a soldier. Is this not so???
  5. Yes. You carry over, into your new career, whatever pension you chose on 01 Mar 06.

  6. LE Officers leaving is a hard one. I don’t think its the pension although this may add to the problem, what you tend to get at Regt duty is:

    Young Officers who are developing and therefore are not be trusted with important jobs

    Captains DE (FOOs) always away on CATT CAST EX or OPs

    Both groups desperately trying to get all the Officer Education stuff in

    Who is left to do all the less than sexy work..........................you guessed it LE Officers

    And then they tell you right you no longer just sell T shirts............ you command the Gun area...............at 43!!!!!!!

    Effectively the gig is survive the first 6 years get Major and hope for the best

    Then they wave TA NRPS jobs with no more deployments (after 25 years of deployments) and we wonder why people leave

    Im surprise anyone is still in!!!!
  7. at last..... a thread of truth.....thanks Wittman. Having been a BSM and seen what my BK endured, I expected that was the case. So that's question number one answered.....

    2. If this is a major problem has it been identified by RA MCM DIV, HQRA etc?
    3. If the problem has been identified, is there a plan to remedy that problem?

    any takers?????
  8. I doubt that there are any plans to change. There are always plenty of replacements queuing up behind (although I have heard a rumour that numbers are considerably reduced for this year)! Having written that I doubt if things will change, I accept that established LEs are being selected for command, and the staff course, and some are picking up high profile jobs. All necessary changes and very welcome but not, perhaps, what the Bett Report outlined!

    If you are considering applying for a commission, be realistic about your expectations and your abilities. If you think that two years as a Families/Welfare Officer will kill you or your marriage, don't apply! And don't apply for a commission just because you are scared of leaving the Army.

  9. MG, Not sure if the RA MCM have id'd the problem. Certainly I believe the Army as a whole have. I was told recently that as from 1 Apr all LE's go to IRC automatically. Now that's fine but what incentive therefore for the likes of the RASM appointment or any other second tour WO1 slot? The carrot for those was to go straight in at IRC.

    You know only too well what the workload is like and with Op Tour time...it's manic! The thing is is that Wittman was bang on. The CO's frankly don't trust the DEs with a job and so the LE gets it all the time.

    Anyway, MG how are you me old fruit?!?!?!?

    Give Ruby a hard time for me!
  10. Good thanx Gnr40, how's life back at the ranch??? Hectic I'm sure? Spent my first two weeks in post wondering whether my phone and computer were working. I have finally acclimatised to receiving five(hehe) emails a day...blissss. Saying that, I know it's only two years out of the rat race, so i'll reap the benefits before I (hopefully) return to the real world.

    The IRC move is now in......second tour WO1's receive two years seniority immediately on commission (which, as far as i can work out, puts them on equal footing with the guys who came off the same commissioning board as them).
  11. P.S
    Ruby's getting his just desserts...lol