LE Termination of service and pension quandry

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by guitarhero, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. Hopefully there's a switched on RAO type blokey that can answer these questions as my RAO dept are finding it difficult to cope with!!

    I'm an LE on SSC(LE) done 3 - 4 years and thinking about terminating my service, how do i go about it. I believe that i have to give 12 months notice which suits me fine as my Immediate Pension Point is still 11 months away (22 years).

    Are there any pitfalls i need to be aware? I read on one of the threads that i have to revert to my WO1 pension, do you have to have 2 years substansive in order to get this i.e. if i didn't have would i have to revert to WO2 pension rates.

    Where can i get written confirmation of what pension i will receive?

    Any help would be appreciated
  2. GH,

    Sorry to hear that your plans have gone awry.

    First, the bit I can answer! On a recent MCM Div visit, my desk officer emphasised that the minimum period of notice was 12 months. Talk to your desk officer!

    I imagine that there are very few people on Arrse who can give you good information on this; the number of people who try to do what you want to do is very small! The advice centre is supposed to be up and running but I haven't heard or seen anything, and the reports elsewhere on Arrse don't fill me with confidence that it is available!

    I can give you an idea of what I understand is your position but you will have to track down the Pension JSP on the Intranet and work through that. Here goes:

    The current LE commission is for 6 years which, I understand, qualifies you for your LE Captain's pension. If you don't complete the 6 years, you revert to your previous rank, with added bonuses, to reflect the fact that you have held a higher rank. Now, I don't know whether that means you revert to WO1 or WO2 in pension terms! I know others who have quit at a similar point, but don't know what happened to their pensions!

    You haven't recorded whether you are on the old or new pension? That may make a difference, too!

    If you appeared in my office to discuss this, I would recommend that you soldiered on for the 2 years to get to the 6 year point and I would show you how much you might lose by leaving early. But that, of course, is my job and I don't know your circumstances!

    Bright idea: find a unit that is still using UNICOM - are there any? ISTR that the pension calculator (old-style) was capable of working out something like this!


    Edited to remove a typo!
  3. Most of the RAO's I have encountoured over the yrs have been total arrse holes. Either don't have a clue or just looking after themselves, rather than the blokes and women in the Sqn's/companies.
  4. If you don't complete the qualifying service for an officer pension you would be entitled to a WO1 pension for years of service from age 18 enhanced by approx 190 for each year of comissioned service.

    As Litotes said UNICOM should be capable of producing a fairly accurate forecast - all units shoud have it up and running still - if you don't get any joy feel free to PM me your details and I will do you a forecast.

    Pyrex - I'm sure your attitude has nothing to do with your experience!!

  5. I recall being taught that you only had to have 5 years comissioned service when comissioning from the ranks to get an Officers Pension, if you failed to complete that you would get a WO1 pension as long as you had completed 22 years pensionable service (under AFPS 75).

    So if you comissioned early enough, did your 5 years you could get your Officers pension from 16 years pensionable service (from 21) and get out with your Officers pension - happy days !!

    Just thought I would add that in - no doubt it will have changed dramatically under AFPS 05 :eek:
  6. Litotes, Paywog, Pyrex - Many thanks for the info, Looks like i'll need to get in touch with JPAC SPVA to get the cold hard facts, but thanks for putting me on the right road.

    Incidently after a bit of work on the ole pensions calculator an LE after 6 years commisioned service only gets £1200 more a year and only 6 grand more if they fully commute...............food for thought

    All the best
  7. GH,

    Surely you didn't do it for the money!!

  8. Not in my opinion! It changed to from 5 to 6 year's service well before AFPS 05 but I cannot remember why it moved to 6 years.

  9. Your sense of humour, Paywog, will get you into trouble one of these days!


  10. Again !