LE Selection required for Appt to Corps/Bde RSM !!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by ViciousCircle, Aug 17, 2005.

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  1. Im desperate for my Commission and think its a damn fine idea

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  2. I dont want a commission so think its a bad idea

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  3. I dont want the job and dont really care

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  1. I have just heard a rumour that a pre-requisite for the appointment of 2 Med X RSM and the Corps RSM is to have been pre-selected for LE Commission ?

    The candidate would be successful on the commissioning board then deferred for two years while he/she completed the afore mentioned Appt.

    What do the board think to that idea ?
  2. it was mentioned at the last WO's convention that they were looking into it, good idea.
  3. FF

    Do you think it is wise to ring fence both appointments for soldiers who want a commission ? thus alienating soldiers who do not want a commission but are well upto the job.
  4. yes I do, if a WO1 (RSM) gets the job, he is usually within his last 18 months or so, during that time he will have to get in his resettlement and terminal leave, so how long can you actually get out of his appointment?
    A WO1 (RSM) who has attained LE commision will do the job for a couple of years and then step across into his commisioned role and still be hungry for it.
  5. Will he? I'd bet that like most LEs, he/she will have split loyalties. They'll be so scared that their 'carrot' will be withdrawn, that they'll not stick their head above the parapet for you........and the management will be very well aware of this.

    I would argue that those not selected for the post due to the fact that they are not being commissioned, have grounds for redress here.

    This isn't a good thing in any ones capbadge, don't be lulled into believing that it is.
  6. FF Wrote:

    The answer to that is select him/her earlier, or extend to do the job longer.

    B-AB Wrote:

    I agree with you split loyalties would be my main fear in this scenario.
  7. Im not in a trade that can be CRSM or even considered for a LE MSO commission without a 'tech, no chance' snigger. I think its a good idea, because 9 times out of 10 they go LE anyway, why kid ourselves that they wont and ensure that weve got someone who will see the term through.
    Split loyalties? surely the fact that hes been selected from a host of other RSMs would mean that he has the integrity not to go down that road (yeah right!)
  8. It'll be the first complaint of all, whether they support the initiative or not. As soon as he/she is viewed/suspected as batting for the Officers on any issue, all will complain about the split loyalty.

    The managment want someone in that job who will not argue with them. Just wait and see.

    RSMs are RSMs and should be left to be RSMs, just like they were in the 'old days'. If the Officer Corps are so short of quality officers, then perhaps they should trawl the Junior RAnks, who have a full career ahead of them and are worth the investment and can be moulded into what the Officer Corps want, with no question of split loyalties..
  9. I'm in a unit with a RA GSM who has deferred his commission to hold this post. He was previously a RSM in a Regt. he certainly does n't "bat for the Officers" and has taken great pains to improve the conditions and morale in the Sgts Mess. I agree that the CRSM post should be a 2nd tour RSM post and that the individual chosen should be given the opportunity to commission following this post, after all he is (by appointment) the most senior soldier in the Corps and supposedly the best RAMC RSM (although I appreciate that about 2000 members of the Corps may disagree with the current appointee). Where are the other 2 ring fenced posts - RADC RSM and Senior HCA per chance ?
  10. 2 Med Bde RSM (ring fenced)
  11. 2 Med Bde RSM would have been good.
  12. FF Wrote:

    but only if you want a commission !

    So you could be an RSM of a Regt/MDHU/Fd Hosp but not Bde or Corps RSM unless you want a commission (MAD AS A FISH). Another hairbrain scheme if my opinion counts for anything.
  13. sorry, i may have been misunderstood, i meant to say that the 2 Med Bde RSM would have been a good choice for future CRSMs, rather than going from the RSM of a unit to the RSM of the AMS, he would have already have dealt with a larger formation already.
  14. FF Wrote:

    Yes, I would have to agree the appointment would be a good choice and the person doing the job now would also be a good choice.