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LE REME Officers please read

QManWpns said:
Please, no silly answers thanks.

As if we would.................... !?!?!?!??

If you're having to ask questions on ARRSE about top tips for the Commissioning Board.... do you think you're quite ready for it???????

Yeah thanks for your opinion, what I was after was the heuristic experience of individuals, Ill be guided by my own Fmn 1* and Comd(ES) who think if Im ready or not and they belieive the former, thanks.

I shall rephrase the question as it did cause some confusion, obviously.

In preperation for the board should I be swotting up on DPA/DLO business,FORM and its implications within the Corps, obviously FAS is a given, purely Corps business or further outreaching stuff like other arms and services, or other arms.

What were the hot topics when you went through.

Or did you get asked to draw a map of Africa, just trying to identify trends, more to the point get inside the head of the interviewing officer. Seeing as 1* late REME dont move around much, certainly the ones at Andover and Bath.

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