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Discussion in 'Officers' started by cpunk, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I've removed the LE poll which struck me as petty, mean spirited and undoubtedly offensive to LE officers, as well as those of us who happen to think they are a valuable and irreplaceable part of the fabric of the British Army.
  2. That should have been an option!
  3. What thread was that then?

    Must have missed it.

    What happened to freedom of expression?
  4. Was a poll if LE were either plebs or bitter twisted types
  5. well done the mod
  6. Quite right cpunk. It was all a bit annoying really. I suspect the author had a problem with an LE officer and decided , in a plebish, bitter and twisted way, to apply vitriol to all LE officers.
  7. I mentioned that the author may have had his pint taken away by an LE. Stupid schoolboy..scurry along now, there's a good little boy
  8. Got to be honest guys I answered on the thread and thought it was hilarious - the poster who posted such a thread wondered why the big boys sat in the corner and ignored him - simple his post said it all!
    Then in hind sight and worried to have caused offence or that it may affect his acreer in some way sought to apologise and retract his comment - lesson learnt I would say - I love being an LE Officer after Sedtion Commander best job in the world :)
  9. Gents its probably been said before that its the mix of LE and DE that makes things work so well. The balance needs to be maintained. Silly little boys with chips on their shoulders need to be put in their place occasionally but by the same token LEs who don't adapt are not much use either.
  10. Why do so many resign within such a short time then?
  11. I don't see why LEs should be sacrosant and protected from a good slagging. Everyone seems quite willing to crucify DEs at every opportunity and elsewhere there is ridicule for everyone ranging from Debbie McGee to the Israeli Prime Minister (to name just 2 examples of current topics).

    If people (particularly those serving) have an axe to grind or an issue to raise about LEs (or anyone else) then why should they be prevented from doing so? Particularly on what is supposedly a forum for a frank and open exchange of views and healthy debate?
  12. Which swine is slagging Debbie McGee? She is a goddess above all women I will not stand by and let that go unpunished!
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    If members of the officers' forum want to have a genuine debate about the value of LE officers, that's fine by me. If, on the other hand, they simply want to make petty and juvenile attacks on LE officers, as this thread was, they can take it elsewhere.
  14. cpunk. Thank you. It does appear that a small element has a problem with LE Officers, I suspect these are the same that refer to DE Officers as "proper officers". I had hoped that the class system was coming to an end but maybe I am wrong.
  15. From my GR, it looks like you must be talking about the graduate entry officers? Few get past Captain and most of our bright young officers have become underwriters or trust fund managers within 6 years of passing off the square.

    However, we have the excellent fortune to enjoy a transfusion of new blood of transferees at Major level. We find this singificantly enhances the unique bond between the officers and the soldiers. Other staff officers identify with transferee officers in our Corps more readilly than their Direct Entry counterparts. We find this invaluable integrating our cap-badge with the rest of the army.

    ( apart from exception one transferee in the directorate who has no social skills and can not communicate with the soldiers, knows nothing about training and even less about rugby )

    << and has no sense of humour either >>