Le Paris - Fin Expensive!!

Don't know about Eurostar but you should be able to get cheap accommodation with the French military.

I am racking my brain for the name and location of the place thsat I have in mind. I don't mean The Cercle National des Armees which is for officers: see their site at: http://www.cnaparis.com/angl_htm/cercle.htm
I note that there are rooms at both the well-known spot in Place Saint-Augustine and also at Sainte-Genevieve, rue Descartes in the Latin Quarter. The prices are not up to date on the site but room with en suite Euros 72-92 in the former and at 65 Euros at the latter, seem pretty reasonable to me for Paris.

But there is another hotel like place, cheaper and for all ranks. A group from my Regiment stayed there prior to the Paris Marathon some years ago and they were happy with the place. I seem to remember that it was close to the Porte d'Italie.

Near the bottom of the following link it states that there are possibilities for accommodation in Paris for (FR) MoD personnel whatever the reason they are in Paris. Might be worth pursueing:


Bonne chance

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