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  1. Being a SSgt if I passed my AOSB would i go to RMAS as a DE or a DE?
    I have A - levels (not brilliant results)
    I am 26
    If this information is needed to answer my question?
  2. Given your two options I'd say, DE?
  3. AOSB is selection for RMAS ie for DE only. LE Commissions are granted by the LE Comisioning Board of your respective capbadge; selection is via MS Board albeit more frequently coupled with a series of interviews/tests, again dependant upon capbadge.

    You can opt for a LE commission but in a Cbt/CS capbadge you would stand little chance unless you had achieved WO1 rank (WO2 at the outside), however, AGC SPS for example is more flexible and recruit LEs from Sgt.....but I understand that their selection interviews/tests are more reflective of this wider cohort ie more akin to AOSB.
  4. I mean LE sorry , thanks loopintheP. Can u tell me a bit more on the process that i will undertake?
  5. Check your PMs Driver....