LE Officers - Overworked and Overlooked

Nottyash "Lighten up fella and if you disagree with my opinion that's fine, its a shame however, that the only qualified and well thought out response, 'Utter Tosh' fell short of adult reasoned debate. " Nottyash.

You see mate if you post a statement that is contentious you are likely to get contentious responses. Which is what you have got so - job done?
By the way I do not agree with the premise of your argument, but I did not dismiss it as "utter tosh" merely as "tosh" which I maintain it is. Utter Tosh would be really bad!!!
OK Outstanding point taken.

It may be contentious to you, as I said previously it was not designed to be.

Any topic in my view, which secures debate, is obviously worth discussion. I have my view and you have yours, lets just be glad that we can have a difference of opinion, (albeit, I hope, an amicable one).

As you have entered that debate, I can only assume, (respectfully), that you thought it warranted a response on your behalf.

I respect your position, and I am asuming you respect mine. I am relatively new to this forum, and as it happens (I am sure you will check, if you have not already done so, my previous posts), and will see that this is the first time I have started a thread.

This subject interested me, hence the post. I am not in the habit of starting an argument, either on this forum or in any other.

I knew given the audience held on this website that it would raise any one of three positions, those that agree, those that disagree and those who sit on the fence, but offer their pennies worth anyway. All are equally valid.

I was however, looking for a fourth view, perhaps someone who may think outside the box, who may be able to offer a different point of view.

No disrespect intended, nor am I looking for an argument, (Which I assume you think I am).

I grant you, that I may not have been as elliquent as I could of been in my original post, (Yes alcohol did play a part in that), but I think that the overall question is valid all the same.

devexwarrior said:
Scabster_Mooch said:
devexwarrior said:
I am an LE in a Corps that values and develops LEs and my current location is with a Bn who treat LE's with respect due our experience. Sure I ain't ever going to be a General and only have an outside chance of half colonel, but I am very good at what I do and worked bloody hard to get where I am now and I bow to no man in that!!
Speaking as a complete outsider, isn't that therefore evidence that LEs are overlooked? Or is it a matter of timescale? :?
Mostly time-an LE will almost always be pushing 40 before commisioning and hasn't the time to get the right jobs, staff college etc in before retirement. There is scope for LEs to move to the DE roster and play catch up-personally I am quite happy with my terms of service-most DEs will never make half colonel either
Thanks for enlighting me :)
nottyash said:
It has been my experience, not directly I hasten to add, that LE officers seem to get the rough end of the stick............. they highlighted seperately, however were all in agreement that they got sick to death of being handed the lions share of the responsibility, when the real 'Officer Corps' got away with doing the bare minimum.

It's about time that dogma changed.
OK well I will try and give a more objective view. Firstly Ibelieve that your initial premise is flawed. LE Officers do not get the "rough end of the stick", in my experience they are treated pretty much the same as other officers of equivalent rank. I say pretty much, as I think that recognition is made of their considerable experience and ability. Now that may be seen by some to result in a disproportianate loading of an individual, on the other hand they do say " give a busy man job". Your second point hinges on responsibility and that suprised me. Al officers have a similar responsibility, so therefore I assume you are implying the degree of importance of the work given to LE officers is higher than that given to DE or Regular Officers. Unsuprisingly (to you) I again differ, as I think that Commanders will pass work to the individual they think most suited to the task. That is not a default setting for LE officers o get all the crap jobs, far from it, it is a simple and sensible use of talent. The real truth may be closer to the fact that LE officers are often better than their ranking contemporaries and therefore are given rersponsibile jobs becaues they are considered more capable and reliable.

In a way it becomes a bit of a 2 edged sword, the question "should I give organising the Royal visit to Capt Smith ( DE with 8 years service) or to Capt Green (LE 24 years service, last RSM and heavily involved in the Col in Chiefs visit 3 years ago)" might seem a no-brainer - but who gets the kudos and plaudits?
'Anyway, less of the class warrior bit. The argument goes that these days far more army entrants (officer and soldier) have university degrees and years of work experience and are generally a few years older. Years ago, both soldiers and officers joined young and were indoctrinated into our culture at the earliest possible opportunity, therefore we accepted the status quo.'

Yes they have Degrees, Diplomas and enough paper qualifications to fill a bathtub, but - years of work experience? I think not.

'If I must complete this task using the given number of personnel and the time allotted - taking into consideration weather and X% for external factors, I would require the following......'(DE)

'Last one over the Assault course gets filled in!' (LE)

Who do you think wins?

Who do you think the CO will spoon for tasks?
Far too much theorising. In the RMP world, a large proportion of the commissioned folk are well enough intentioned but just don't know what the job is and therefore lack the inner self belief to put themselves forward for responsibility. This leads to the 'system' depending again and again on those who 1. Understand the job and 2. Have the ability to deliver. Net result these people feel that thay are being handed the smelly end of the stick while their contemporaries wander around a circle covering Portsmouth, Aldershot, Wilton, Bulford and Upavon blissfully avoiding controversy and if deployed on Ops being placed as SO3 Drains and Bins while the others have operational command of troops on the ground doing the job.
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