LE Officers - filler for the Corps?

Discussion in 'REME' started by norfolk_boy, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. Comiserations to all the excellent LE Officers out there!!

    It seems that you are about to get seen off again. Apparently all the command posts are going to DE ruperts (some with only 1 OJAR).

    So, despite all claims to the contrary, you are actually there to take all the jobs DEs cant be bothered with!!

    Once again, my condolences.
  2. Norfolk-Boy, the way we are going there will only be ONE LAD in each Bde, and that will become part of the REME Bn. Support will be supplied by ISTs flying round all the units, bit like they do now. (pish).

    LE's have got what they deserve. They enter the officer world and think that they are on an even keel with the DE's. (pish).

    When I become an ASM I want a DE OC so he can stay in the officers' mess talking pish, and I can run the LAD my way, with no interference from an Ex-ASM.

    The LE's are not ALL better than the DE's, but at least they know what we should be doing and are focussed on work, unlike the DE's who tend to focus on their own careers and when confronted with technical issues they are out of their depth and talk pish!!
  3. Art Veh 88,

    I never for one second indicated that ALL LEs were better than DEs! The problem is that, as you rightly said, there is not a level playing field. This is already causing sme of our best WOs to apply to other arms (even the RA and the AAC!!!).

    As for wanting a DE for your LAD, Be careful what you wish for!
  4. What an excellent attitude - exactly the reason I left the Corps to join the Infantry.
  5. To answer the title question: Yes. But we all know that already. From experience I can say that DE officers are a mixed bag, as are LE types. The best you can hope for is a GOOD Officer, whatever flavour he/she is.

    With a good officer at the helm, the rest of us can get on with doing our job, confident that Rodney's got our back; with a bad one all bets are off, and everyone ends up watching thier own arse. Having served under excellent LE and DE officers, and one extremely poor DE, my opinion is that LE / DE doesn't matter a spent fart. It's the quality of the man.
  6. Having served in a Unit with an OC who was an ex-ASM of the same type of Unit, it was like having 2 ASMs, I can concur with themanwho. I was also at 10 Ab, when the ASM got commissioned and came back 11 months later as Wksp Offr, i.e. the ASMs boss. No prizes for guessing how well that went down.

    There's good and bad in both streams and having applied to commission in 2 different Corps, LE should be under no illussions that they are nowt more than gap-fillers and were DE recruiting to be 100% then NO LEs would be commissioned.
  7. You pay yer money and you take yer chance. LE will always be an Annex to the Officers mess, as far as our corps is concerned. The first LE to get an Armd LAD in living memory, was and is an outstanding bloke and knocks spots of the DE. I believe he got the job because he was the top of the list, but also so that the rest can have no gripes about not being able to get 'plum' jobs. But the reality is that they will still be gap fillers. I suppose the other positive thing is we cant recruit enough DE, now and for the forseeable future, so if crossing over to the dark side is your future, you may drop lucky. Good luck
  8. If you do not believe that LE officers are the polyfiller for the Corps then you really must look at yourself a bit closer and the person who is telling you differently. Trouble is, those LE officers who think that they are DE because they are officers can be very very dangerous. Face facts, they do hurt occasionally, hardly going to kill you is it?,,,,,,,
  9. Nice one centurion. Head in clouds, thumb up arrse. Of course LE's are only filling in the gaps. All LAD's should have a DE OC. That way the OC can do the writing thing in proper english and mix with the hoypaloy in the orrrifices mess while those that can, can crack on and do the bizz. The OC takes the visitors away from us so that we can get on with what we are paid for, fixin things!!!!

    From the few i have met it seems that it is the Tech LE's that think they are not filling in the gaps.
  10. obviously 'A' in 'A' Mech also stands for astute too (but then I knew that)!!!! Dont talk too much common sense if you want to get on though, people will resent it..... I wholly agree about techs thinking that they are proper officers on commissioning and it is also my experience too (that said, two of the best LEs I ever met were Avionics and Aircraft tiffies),,,, be warned though, dont let them know you can talk sense,,,,

    However, the OC should be showing you guys n gals off coz thats best leadership and will make him look even better if s/he has the confidence to do it, the best OC/COs dont have to tell anyone that they are good; Senior Officers dont even bother with majors/captains/lts on visits, I can tell you, its the fixers they want to speak to too as the most important cogs in the wheel.
  11. Anybody who believes that guys apply for an LE commission without knowing the shite jobs that they will fill is living in a fantasy land. People commission for a whole range of reasons for that one shot at an LAD, seeing their kids through boarding school, not having to fine a second job oh and one small other......they like the Army life!! Is the grass always greener? if you want to go to the same office, pub, supermarket etc for the rest of your life then yes..personally I'd rather have that variety and spice of life but it comes at a price!! As for the DE/LE question. As "the manwho" rightly points out!! its the man that counts.
  12. I think we will be seeing changes in the whole DE/LE thing - and we may find that the OC LAD posts do start getting more LE in them. This is because the boards are now looking at the whole quality thing and deciding to be a lot fairer to the LE fraternity. Suffice to say that it won't be for 1st tour LE's, so the whole ASM to OC thing will take slightly longer.
  13. That is, quite frankly the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!!!
  14. I agree with Norfolk boy and will offer some 'insider' information; the first LE to command an armoured LAD (say, HCR) earns the right to plat fog and shave the devils arsh with a blunt razor blade; equally, the LE that can go to full Colonel, competing against DE's who have commanded Battalions at War and on Operations and worked for the great and the good in top quality staff posts (who promote their protégé's who are in their own images) also earns the right to bring to the Altar, 3 strands of platted snot. Believe me, there are people out there who believe it is going to happen and lick the appropriate crevices accordingly, alas to no avail but old habits are hard to break.
  15. Does an Armd Inf Bn OC LAD count as a fog platting, razor wielding type of chap????

    Cos if so there is already one of these hero's out there.