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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by top_soldier, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. At least four Late Entry officers have had their application for extension turned down........ does this mean we are now fully manned or is it the start of a wider reduction??
  2. Maybe they were not performing
  3. I heard a theory that, due to the recession and DEs reluctant to leave right now, the next 3 - 5 years could be pretty tough for LEs in the various Corps, specifically those doing staff jobs, many of which used to be filled by DEs. IRC (LE) might become harder to get - supply versus demand etc. Next year when we have a big review of the regular armed forces, don't be surprised if a significant chunk of the LE community are offered redundancy.

  4. 1. I hope they do offer redundancy
    2. If what you say is true, why are SO3 appointments now being filled by WOs?
    3. Latest LE papers say exactly the reverse with LE employment and training widening
    4. IRC is automatic nowadays if commissioned from WO2/WO1
  5. Nothing is more certain than uncertainty............................. events like this are cyclical but there is real potential that the baby could disappear with the bathwater. Interesting times methinks??

  6. Don't be coy boys...

    It's a whole new world out there. Get out and soak up the civvieness.
  7. Surely it would be cheaper to keep the LEs in place (even if they are taking a DE slot/IRC etc).

    Over the last few years I have noticed some very good LEs contributing a great deal to Regimental life and the Regiment.

    In slots such as (In one regiment alone) all the usual slots (QMs, MTO, etc) but also a Sqn Cdr, a Sqn 2ic, Regt 2ic and HQ Sqn OC and 2ic and OpsO. The RAO was also a LE. It was a very good regiment, even if the average age was high :D

    I have been in several Sqns where the 2ic was LE, and it seems to work VERY well.

    How much would it cost to pension off the dinobots, and recruit, train and retain a YO?
  8. There are also a couple of bloody awful LEs who have slipped through in the last couple of years who would never have got it if it hadnt been kept 'in house'.
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The very thought chills me to the bone- fuc&in' civvies! :x :x :x
  10. Who on earth do you mean :?
  11. Just more pollyfilla, some areas recruit poor quality DEs and over promote many into LE. What next WOs taking over sub unit command? Why not?

    A Defence Review is long overdue and the Army should be rationalised to reflect its capabilities. There are command structures in place that have changed little and in some cases increased since WW2. Keeping all these posts manned when fewer of real quality are joining means that the supporting positions are being filled with chaff.
  12. Chaff!!! I resemble that remark!
  13. That was 'chump' and was written by your CO.
  14. Never a more true word said - Filbert

    Since time ...... this has happened - now will stop and get off my soap box

  15. Erm...I don't believe IRC is automatic now and redundancy will never be offered, they will just let them run out.

    When the economic climate improves the DE community will leave in droves and who will fill the gaps?