LE Officers.....Drowning our respectable corps?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by littlejonny, Jan 29, 2005.

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  1. I have to ask does anyone share my view? It is for the (true Blue) this question is aimed at. This Corps is beginning to be swamped by LE officers (from other Arms) who know nothing of how Aviation works and our mentality towards the job? I am beginning to lose faith when I am faced with at times absolute imbeciles who are "bumpin up the pension" it does my fookin swede in!

    Whinge ends.

    Littlejonny. :oops:
  2. Yes indeed it is an apparent problem and one with no solution as long as the powers that be, generously give away our LE posts of which there will soon be more. I find it despicable that I may be rejected at some time in the future. In place of an outsider who knows nothing of the AAC, I even new one who was scared of helicopters for peat’s sake.

    There are many who have succeed at deceiving the board into believing how much they could bring to the party, only to fail at the first hurdle.

    On the other side of the coin some of the so called true-blue who may or may not be serving in a Regt near you and were lucky enough to be selected commissioned may not be up to much either.

    I do believe in order to function in the AAC as an LE Officer you must have a solid background in field in which you are to be employed. So perhaps they should interview for specific jobs within the Corps. But you know as well as I do behind, every good officer there is a great SNCO.
  3. LE non AAC buggers!!

    Got loads of em at 3.

    Complete c*@t intrg wing an ex infantryman, and anRCMO fromthe REME bugger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Had to correct said trg wing bloke that u don't use 4 tonners for crossed vehicle headlight emergency HLS!!!! he is an HHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wrong as fcuk!!
  4. Lynxeffect said...
    Complete c*@t intrg wing an ex infantryman, and anRCMO fromthe REME bugger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The above mentioned was attempting to tell me haw a FARP works?????Run onto my fist Sir!

    What am I doing here mummy said it would be good for me.....
  5. I wanted to say something to defend said LE's but I couldnt think of anything........but then I thought "when did the Corps ever do anything for the good and benefit of its personnel rather than its perceived public image?"

    In other words "If your already in the corps then we have no advertising requirement or need of you other than doing your daily chores."
  6. what about the ex master chef? just been selected for LE?
  7. I'll have you know that Master Chef is a jolly nice bloke with a big potfolio..........somebody mentioned to me the other day. Well at least the curry lunch after the public duties stint should be good.

    I can't believe you didn't see it coming, first the Guards to sort out the drill, then the chefs to sort out the grub. The pull through should be obvious...the next batch will be Pioneers to organise the clear up and possibly someone from the PT Corps to head up the large adventure training planned fro next year.

    Still maybe he will bring the answer for PAYD at What-er-shame and get all the blokes in the cookhouse again...maybe not.
    Still after the 2007 celebrations they should all have just enough aviation experience to realise that we refer to them as cabs not 'choppers'...(now that was a den of sin), and that TAR is a vehicle not a posh way of saying thanks.

    I did here that one of the current non blue LE's CV for commisioning experience in the aviation world (remember 1 years Aviation experience required) was tasking and controlling aviation assets at various levels of command. This then actually decoded as he'd put a Helquest in once.

    Still the workings of an AH Regiment with all it brings can't be that difficult to work out, can it? Little Jonny seems to have grasped it!
  8. Your RCMO might be the 'nut strangler' posting on the Sgts Mess thread about LEs in the Mess. If it is, he sounds like a right chopper, pardon the pun.
  9. This Ex REME ASM also had NO LSSA days when he recieved his commission, i'll say that again NONE, NOTHING, NIL, NADA

    What did MCM div think he was bringing to the party?

    I have a sneaking suspicion they did not give a (non) flying fu*k

    All we really want is an commissioned hierarchy that we can respect be looked after by, work for, and ultimately wish to join the ranks of.

    Thats probably why we have seen some really good SNCO's exit stage left as soon as possible........
  10. I spent 10 years in the AAC, I do not regret leaving. I do regret leaving the army at that stage though.

    Here in lies my mistake, having been AAC for so long I thought it would be too difficult to fit in anyware else. That includes an offer to join the DERRs.

    I should have seen the light a long time before, there were "t shirts" with, "will the last person to leave the AAC please turn the lights out" This was in the late 70s early 80s. So what has changed?

    From the post's I have seen here feck all.
  11. Excellent work littlejonnny - about time this subject was talked about. Some of these idiots have clearly bullshIted their way in and are getting found out pretty quick. The former 3 AAC trg offr being a case in point. All ranks have duty to test these LEs so they can be found out now and not when it really matters. Drunken fingerpoking isn't the answer cause the're probably used to that but it shouldn't be to hard to trip up a few ex grunts! :D :lol:
  12. I think one of the more worrying aspects of the recent commisioning board seems to be the myopia that they, the board, suffer from. Now it seems to me that with an able staffie most re-tread LEs can help run FARP/FOBs - Most LEs in their previous incarnation (ASM, Donkey-Walloper or whatever) probably had some contact with vehicle husbandry/road movement orders etc so that the jump is'nt that massive. However out of the re-treads how many of them will be able to perform the duties of the RSO, especially with the advent of Bowman? I think, maybe wrongly, that even our present encumbants with all their years of signals experience will find the task pretty demanding. I'm sure that the board considered, with a vast port-folio a Chief Burger flipper will manage admirally with the intricacies of the various communication systems we now use, PPA etc etc.....umm?
    Having previously worked under several "non-AAC" RSOs all of them, bar one, we're pretty much useless and the RSWO & Tp staffie had to supervise them - the Silver fox was a gleaming example of this..and he was a ex-Scaly (RD granted)! So for those re-tread LEs reading this -you'd better start treating your comms "geeks" better or your arrse is going to get bitten very soon! :lol:
  13. Before you can complain about incomming LE officers, you need to understand why they are here.

    Firstly, The AAC True Blue Corps WO & Sgts Mess could not have sustained the level of expansion that the Corps has experienced over the past six years. This would have resulted in personnel being promoted above their own level of ability from the onset. Over this period, there has been approx 50/50 AAC, Other Arms commissions into the Corps.

    Secondly: The AAC itself is reletively insular with limited potential for SNCOs and WOs to serve away from the Corps. The introduction of external personnel brings experience from other areas to enrichen the corps ability to operate in the wider Army and tri service environment.

    If you feel as strongly about the subject as it would appear, have the balls to come forward and address it formally through your chain of command as at presently it sounds a little like sour grapes. Also if the cap fits, wear it as it is your responsibility to educate these people in the ways of the Corps.
  14. Right-o Sir!!