Le horreur-Accent walts!

Fear not good Aussies, it can happen to the best of us.....George Michael of Wham and coke related car accidents awoke from a bout of pneumonia with a strong Janner (Devon/West Country) accent. :)

Mark The Convict

I'm not sure how I'd cope waking up with a French accent. Probably bash myself to death with a cricket bat.
Swampy's in NZ, so you'd have to make a right balls-up of sinking his boat, then find a German to surrender to.
Lulu - Glasgow accent in Glasgow, faux American everywhere else!
The fucks a Australia?
it's one of our more southerly prisons, filled with sunshine, crocodiles and actors* from crap films.
oh and AC/DC (the band not the sexual preference)

*some of the crocodiles made better actors

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