Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. Might have been a type but I definatley read a document stating LE's need 5 GCSE's to gain a commission.

    So typo or another change????

    Next someone will be starting a rumour about a TA Sig Sqn in the middle east
  2. That's correct, can't recall the DIN on it, but 5 is the minimum with expectations of further study as well. And those GSCE's must include English and Maths as well.
  3. Why the 5? Surely if they have five and harbour desires of a commission, they would choose the DE route (says he with 5+)
  4. Do you need more paint with that broad brush?
  5. Would you care to express an opinion about the topic and not complain about the baiting. Or is this a 'I'm alright Jack, Ive a degree in nuclear physics'
  6. Hey I've got 5 o levels :p
  7. This has always been the case for RM LE's. There are some thicko WO1's/ 2's out there who can hardly put two sentences together...but can shout loud!
  8. See also Annex A for special requirements for more picky groups.

    Edited to make it a little more clear that this is the requirement for DE or LE commissioning from the Ranks for the TA.
  9. e.g. Picky group regular army (RSigs Technician)

    Qualifications required GCSEs or Level 2 equivalent
    Min grade C in English Language, Mathematics and Science/ICT
  10. Didnt have ICT when I were a lad
  11. Which was it? Latin or Old Norse as your native tongue?
  12. Suppose Anglisch-Saxon can't be helped
  13. Sassanach.