LE Conversion to AFPS 75 or 05?



Soldier commissions from the ranks with less than 22 yrs service. Under AFPS 75 he remains eligible for an immediate pension as an OR (at WO1 rates) as long as he completes 22 yrs total service, but less than 5(?) years commissined service. (memory not good today, can't remember if it is a minimum of 5 years commissioned service for an Officer Pension).

However, assuming he was commissioned after the AFPS 05 cut off date of April 06 and completes more than the minimum (5 years?) commissioned service, will he remain on AFPS 75 and be eligible for an immediate pension at Officer rates, or will he be automatically put on AFPS 05 and be eligible for the (much reduced) AFPS 05 Early Departure Payments?


(currently in a country far away from the nearest pension warrant)
Probably best to pass this up the SPS chain for a definitive answer - a dodgy area to be relying on opinions from any forum I would think!!


i seem to remember this coming up before. think the answer was that you would stay on 75 unless you had elected to change (even though technically you are unenlisting and reenlisting upon LE commission).

but best await the definitive answer from someone who knows :)
Commissioning from the Ranks does not constitute a break in Service as far as the Policy Gods are concerned. Therefore, they have not "re-enlisted", so unless the individual has opted to switch to AFPS05, they will remain on AFPS75 and entitled to its benefits.