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Congratulations to this year's lottery winners.

Predictable though, none of these this year

or these


Don't forget yourhttp://www.volvocars.co.uk/


Subby !

I agree.  Not only no characters being commissioned but LE means nothing now.  No more:

a.      2 years as OC SMIT at least the word `Special` was in the title.  Which of course gave encouragement to SD Types until they realised, it was not special and they resigned!  

b.      2 years as OC of your very first Security Section where you read all those reports that you wrote (made up) some 18 years ago.  Attempting now to reminisce with young non drinking and politically correct SB Officers who have replaced the fat, old, lecherous and real coppers with whom you spent many an afternoon in the 80’s ensuring that the  `ops fund` was well spent at the nearest subversives meeting.

c.      Off to a Darkside unit as the OC of the Security Cell  not understanding what the fcuk they do with their sad lives but at least you could get a tan, cheap Mess Kit and mess with their minds !

c.      Back to your previous job, drive fast cars and carry shooters where for a long time you had hoped to be called `sir` but even now they still call you `Bob`

Then again nothing changes !  Unless

Option a means that its all done online !

Option b means that the Royals/P&SS/or heaven forbid Monkeys do security !

Option c now means Bleakest West Wales, sheep fleece lined Mess Kit and an Astra !

Option d means everybody calls each other by their forename because HUMINT is ` run` by the Reserves/ or SF have taken over because they can do anything and at the end of the day they do get a better deal with publishers.

PS - What ever happened to that lovely FNU SNU ?  Are they still living at SNU ?


PS - What ever happened to that lovely FNU SNU ?  Are they still living at SNU ?

Of course I meant to type ANK - must be the late nights with the left handed mouse again !

Tidak saya, enche!  Apa nama awak: tua China???

( appologies to last remaining colloquial speaker in 10 MI, who has probably been through most of what mystery guest TT RSM has posted)

BTW TT RSM showing your age a bit.  Security is so well tied down now, that  Archivist did away with SMIT some years ago.

PPS: " Bob" was always called "Sir" and never Bob, in my day!


Join the RAMC, LE's for all, 20 odd last year- we take any rubbish! It's like a Medic running an Int Section- see what I am saying? Come on down, its like an AGC and RLC migration come April!
Get turned down for your medic commision eh? The grapes do seem to be rather sour at this time of year.
but have to agree with you, the medics do seem to get a lot of gym queens and pen pushers (suprising though that the AGC dont try more for the Int Corps, thought it would have been a natural progression, shining a seat in one office to shining one in another but telling everyone youre James Bond and playing 'Secret Agent Man' at every piss up). :twisted:
This zombie thread stretches back to the dawn of Arrse.... and should have been left there, IMHO!

5.5 years? What can we possibly add after 5.5 years? :x


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