Will a soldier who is granted a LE commission be automatically put onto the new pension scheme if their commission is dated after 01 Apr 05? If so will this be of benefit to the LEOfficer?
No they are specifically mentioned as having the option in the blurb on the MODWeb stuff about pensions. This was a rumor started a little while ago. But it is a good wind up on anyone you know going for it :twisted:
Re the cut off date; From the moment you get your benefits pack you have 3 months to make your mind up, There will be extensions for people on Ops etc but for most it will be 3 months. The date of Apr 06 is the date you move across to the new scheme if you opt into it.

Re the WO1s in for LE Commissions; Spot on they are definitely staying on the old scheme unless they opt to change, but aren't they flapping!!
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