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Well the results of the commissioning board are out, and for those lucky (?) people who were successful will be sat either celebrating their accomplishment, or wondering if it really is the right thing to do? REME soldiers have always looked at other Corps, and the publication of the centralised list on ArmyNet shows those brave enough to try something else (or was it just a fail safe?) An interesting point this year is allowing other arms and services to apply, and this has proved positive for a Mil Clerk in the AGC who has been selected, he is obviously qualified and suitable otherwise he would not be on the list, Engineering Officer Material? Will he shine when reaching an LAD command on Operations? How about making him Corps ASM for 3 years to let him get his feet under the table, visiting the Corps, taking notes. Is this the beginning of the end? Is there any point in following the Artificer route?

Congratulations to all, just remember be careful what you wish for…… it may come true!

What do you think?
To quote a previous DGES(A) (now DEME(A), LEs are just "POLYFILLA" filling officer posts which the thrusting mainstream officers either don´t want or cant actually do. That CFN article created an uproar but its still true to this day. Have you ever seen a DE fill a families officer slot ?

Most guys that I know are taking this route purely as a means to an end ie pension etc hoping of course to make Maj after 6 ish years however there are quite a few who dont make it for one reason or another and get a nice brown envelop, the remainder don´t want to leave their comfort zone and see it as natural progression which you cant say on interview of course. Remember "ITS A CAREER CHANGE". Everyman to himself though.

The above news was expected as I believe there is a need to recruit personnel from other cap badges to fill the ever increasing void of LE retirements especially at Major level. Time will tell whether it was the right decision or not.

IMHO its not worth it ! stay "king of the shits and dont become "shit of the kings" Ive worked in 4, 3 and 2 star HQs and experienced the shit that LEs put up with. My advice is keep close to the pack, keep hands on and get out whilst your still young enough to hold down a trade and have a go at a second career (25 years more !!).

PS Im now on more than double the salary I had when I was in. The grass is definitely greener for me but dont take resettlement lightly its your choice of career path either way.

Good luck to all
At least we can all give him a good shewing when WO/SNCO go to the Officers at Crimbo for screwing up our pay all them years, or maybe its cause no one in REME can use a radio. :D
UniformKilo said:
At least we can all give him a good shewing when WO/SNCO go to the Officers at Crimbo for screwing up our pay all them years, or maybe its cause no one in REME can use a radio. :D
Guys, you should really know your enemy !!!

Where does the guy work at present ?????????????????
Sorry, no idea what you are talking about. Obviously DEME(A) works in Arborfield. Screwing up my pay? Can't use a radio? Not sure what these reference's are about either. To that end, I may not take your argument to him at the Xmas drinks (its at Hazebrouk not West Court anyway!)
I will put it in LAYMANS terms as obviously this is what i am dealing with.

1. The new guy from AGC has spent all his time screwing up our pay.

2. He works at BOWTAT so he is one of the few that may know how BOWMAN works.

3. TCHUSS !!!!!! :idea:


Can anyone confirm this, I heard a rumour that once commissioned, LE officers now get a new JPA service number (3*******)?

Oh how I will laugh if this is true...........Red Arrse!!!!! :D :D
But I do know how to use a radio? Also I keep an eye on my pay and minimise, (radio terminology that is!), ferk ups, so time to pick your shovel up again or not?????????? :?
Yeah, I get that now. Never realised how slow I was on the uptake before. Random

The AGC Clerk who got his commission was REME prior to the compulsory inception of the AGC when he had to move across. One of your own is now returning to the family he should never have been made to leave. Shouldn't you now welcome him back?
Sorry, didnt want to come out blatantly with the "Guys a tube and in the days of Professional Recognition, how the hell can he be more suitable than some of the guys thrown on the scrap heap" regardless if he can use a radio or not !!!

PS- i am not one of them thrown on the heap, i am still shovelling it !!!!! :wink:
Totally understand UK.

It seems REME have now gone the way the medics went but even they have now bolted the stable door so to speak. However, there are a number of staff jobs that can be filled with these guys leaving the technical and qualified experts where they belong...at the front (ish).

Unfortunately, loyalty and dedication to one cause is no longer a factor these days. This even applies to civvy street as I've suffered it for the last 3 years. The old adage of looking after your own seems to be so"out of fashion".
An couple of examples of people leaving the Corps to take a commision happened when I was serving, two ASM's one in Germany & the another in the UK. Both turned down by REME & immediately snapped up by RTR.

Also the old RD bod "Tam", straight into the Medics in an admin role.

tiffyshackles said:
good old tam, a legend and one to dodge on occasions. hope the medics enjoyed him as much as the reme did.
Bumped into him as we rolled into Pristina Bus Depot as we were booting out the Serbs, he rocks up with his Ambulances, it was like a retake from "Casualty".

Poor Medics, now and again you gotta feel sorry for them, especially where that Eedjit is concerned !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to say that 1 bloke on the list is a complete chopper. Don't know how the fcuk he managed to fool everyone, but he has.

A sad day for the Corps

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