LE Commissioning Board

The time is quickly approaching where the Warrant Officers of the Corps have to decide if they are going to put themselves through the LECB in January !

I've heard some comments in the past along the lines of:-

Should not need to jump through those hoops at this stage in career.

Should know the WO already with the years of CRs etc.......

It's decided before you get there !

Do we need some form of selection process ? ?

Is the LECB the way to do this ? ?

Any Thoughts !!!!
Like most Arms and Corps, there is a wide field to select from.

CRs give some of the picture but far better to speak to a candidate and see what he is made of. It is simple as that - also fairer.

Good luck if you are going for it ! :D
I assume, like any selection process, there are 2 schools of thought:

1. "Utterly brilliant at selecting the wheat from the chaff" (the opinion of those selected)

2. "Wrong, wrong, wrong" (those not - usually accompanied with a) "My last report let me down", "I didn't get on with my boss" etc etc etc.

I think it works quite well, the reaction of those not selected often gives something away. A filter, followed by a board, interviews etc seems the logical solution.

ps. My last report let me down, I didn't get on with my boss.

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