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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by mcvicar, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. Anyone been through the LE commission process recently, namely those below the rank of WO2?
    Any advice on the process would be received gratefully...
  2. Book yourself on LEOC(V) at RMAS as soon as you can - its a great course and fills in all the parts no one tells you about!!

    Go for it - best move I made better if you can brace the whole Officership thing and be prepared to change your old ways. Its Lead by Example, Command as you would wish to be commanded and take on the Resonsibility of looking ater your men before yourself and of course being an Officer!

    Be prepared for DE's to treat you like the new boy in town - but you will soon prove yourself.

    To kick off chat to your CO he has to endorse it, then put your letter in paperwork will follow and then await your board. If you get to a Commissioning board remember they are there to verify your CO's decsion if he agrees to putting you forward - so be confident but think about what it means to be an officer - seriously!! Be up to date with current military and civil affairs (FAS/ FIS etc and have a view point be prepared to back it up with facts)

    Good luck

  3. Ok, cheers for that. It has been suggested that I sit TAPO Module 2 & 3 prior to board, because I am below the rank of WO2 (S/Sgt now). This apparently is to do with the changes in LE Commission from April on.
    Anyone else heard/been asked to do this?
    While I can see a logic to doing this for 'officer mindset/skills' I have never heard of someone with 15 years plus experience being asked to do so.
    Any opinions?
    (Braces for impact!!)
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Personally I would ask for an interview with your Bde MS Rep via your Adjt / OC.

    IIRC, there are differences in the requirements for LEs commissioned from the rank of S/Sgt as opposed to WO2. I think it would be worth having a chat with someone who really knows the score.

  5. Never heard that before but I suppose it would help with the 7 questions (I can't do it, I just naturally go for the solution (via experience), I've seen many other SNCO's do the same).

    It seems your being asked to do DE stuff to become a LE. As far as I'm aware your going to have to study a lot more because of the changes, you'll have all the captains exams to also study under the new system (I could be well wrong on this), plus you've also got to do your knife and forks exam at Sandhurst. I need to attempt to get a LE myself (need a focus) but have to wait for a crown in my corps, although I could through my normal job probably go for a PQO (and so I understand the lack of advice you face - thanks to all sent on here)

    Msr, what is a MS Rep?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Good question - in fact, exactly the question I asked of some Major on my Tp Comd course after he had been rabbiting on for about 5 minutes and no-one to my right or left had a clue either:

    Military Secretariat: http://www.army.mod.uk/servingsoldier/career/mcmdivs/msa/index.html

    Those (allegedly) responsible for Officer Careers. Every Bde should have one.

  7. Surely you should be just reading TA Regs and then speaking to your Adjt, via your OC? It would be a bit bizarre to go straight to the SO2 G1 MS. After all, I would have thought his first question would be to ask if you had spoken to your Adjt.

    If I was an SO2 at Bde and a SNCO came to see me out of the blue with a question that can be answered at unit level, having not spoken to his own RHQ, I would be calling the Adjt for an explanation.
  9. MSR, you really must cut your nails!
  10. please expand more on that, thats new to me
  11. msr

    msr LE

    And to DFTR - who must have got through under the old system ;)

  12. Mc, but 15 years experience in what? For all they know you could have been emptying portaloos.

    The game has changed immensely and the CoC has to be sure that it selects the right people. FFS, you could be 'THE MAN', in an incident, on Ops!!! Guys are going to be looking to you for direction. Worse still, solicitors will be looking at you with litigation in mind. The fact that you're in command because "You have 15 years prior service" will count for.........go on, I'll let you guess.
  13. Quite right MSR but I have had the decency to attend all courses relevant to any appointments held and also ensured that I was course qualified for promotion, as I did as a soldier.
  14. FFS and your just out of nappies. This DE/LE thing does not belong on a TA forum, our system works (although I admit to having this conversation last month)
  15. Polar, don't know exactly what's expected, or even if it differs by Bde etc (wouldn't be a shock if it did would it?) but there are guys from my unit going for LECB and have actually attended mock boards leading up to it.

    I will endeavour to find out more and let you know, unless someone else can shed some light.