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Discussion in 'REME' started by weetiffy, Nov 4, 2005.

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  1. I've just seen this years commisioning list. OH MY GOD!!!!!!! There is hope for us all, a few good men on there, however I can only presume they were struggling to fill slots this year as some worms ( not recce mechs) slipped through the net. :evil: Well done those who got through who deserved it.
  2. Was there a Recy Mech on the list
  3. Don't Know sorry I used the term "worm" to identify that percentage of slimey riggley ass kissers that always get through. No reference made to our recce mechs.
  4. Yep, there is a Rec Mech on the list. The bloke with the cheesy sunglasses who had an article in the crafty either last month or the month before. Well happy he got it. He's a top bloke and i know he will do a very good job on the dark side.
  5. Personnally ididn't make it throught the paper filter. On looking at the two(paper filter) lists I knew far more people on the "unsuccessful" list than on the list of those going to the main board. Maybe I'm keping the wrong company? I haven't seen the final list yet. Monday morning beckons...
  6. Well is this the best way to select our Future Officers of the Corp??? 3 interviews and your last CR. You could have been a _ _ _ K _ _ for the past 20 years and slip through the net. You only have to look at the new Tiffy Board System. The more _ _ _ _ you shovel in the more _ _ _ _ you get out. What ever happened to the Pot Tiffy's being put forward by the EME and ASM, At least then we had a filter.
  7. I noticed there was a strong slant towards the ASMs in this years list. That's a good sign. Personally I feel the best WO2s we have to offer should be overlooked for commissioning and given the chance to shine as ASMs (time permitting). We as a Corps need the strongest WOs at the coalface... no disrespect meant, but LE Officers don't have the clout that an ASM appointment has (barring those few in EME posts).
  8. Agree - a soldier joins and aims for the heights of WO1. At least he does until someone hijacks his ambitions and persuades him instead that SSC(LE) is a good idea for some spurious reason. To be honest, the Corps should restrict applications to just WO1.
  9. Thats not restricting it to ASM's thats restricting it to Tiffy's as WO2 is ya ceiling if you dont go down that route!!!!(Tiffy Route)
  10. As the Future Head of our Corp i think we need a total re-think on Commissioning, Tiffy selection and a whole host of other things. When i get there i will change things
  11. Unlucky!!
  12. Go Tiffy, Crap answer
  13. Sometimes I feel there is an underlying movement within the Corps to discredit the Tiffy route. Let's face it (without turning this to a Tiff/Artisan thread), everybody has the opportunity to attempt the Tiff route. Those pax that don't go that route should accept that it was their decision. Those that didn't make the mark should accept that THEY didn't make it and the Corps is not responsible. Fair enough, there are now a number of extra WO2 slots available for all.... that doesn't and SHOULDN'T mean that parity should be provided for all regarding promotion to ASM and (back to the thread) selection for SSC(LE). At the end of the day, not all Artisans are good at what they do (an opinion I feel is rife within the Corps) and don't have a God given right to advance. (That should get the debate going!!)

    PS I'm not a Tiffy
  14. Well done that man!

    I DO hope you're not a Class II LCpl, we could have some time to wait! 8O
  15. A lot aft artisans are very good but I have met artisan SSgt who were not fit to clean my boots.